Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, MaMa

5th May
Today MaMa Birthday
Happy Birthday, MaMa~~
I love You, MaMa
I know I'm a bad girl and always cause trouble
I grow big liao
Wont take the "bang hio" (Lingkaran nyamuk) kaco u, lock you when you bath..haha
I promise I will graduate on time~ Wont repeat and make you waiting.. wahaha
Words cannot express my love to you..
Plus I paiseh too..hihi
Anyway~ you are my great MaMa. Of course PaPa too.
Sayang You Both

I suppose go back on Thursday night and help her celebrate
But my elder sis said is okay, because I need sit for 6 hours bus to Sibu
On last Thursday night, papa called me
He thought I'm will go back since I promise him since last Good Friday holiday
Pity him.. I miss them very much
Wish I can go back soon

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