Thursday, December 2, 2010

Childhood's Memory

Don't know why when I was in primary school, I willing to save all my pocket money just because of this blind box with nonsense toy inside..haha. Still remember mama everyday gave me 50 cent only (dah banyak lah zaman tu). The blue box is Ding Dang and the white box is Tora. Both of them are RM0.50 per box and RM0.80 per box last 17 years ago. Damn, now the price is double up, man~ Only the kid full of curiosity like me will buy this "fun" boxes. Until now, I still very attracted to blind box. Yup, correct! Is the be@rbrick Series. Besides the toys, the box included a packet of chocolate biscuit balls. The taste? Taste bad..haha, I don't like eat sweet things. After so many years, I bought these boxes again. Still curious what are the toys they will put inside the boxes. Cis, buruk buruk buruk! Give back my money! Haha, anyway~ it was fun after almost 20 years, I bought it and feel so excited to open and recall back my unwise action why wanna spend on such thing, LoL. Saja~ sokong barangan buatan Malaysia...wahaha.

Just For Fun

The Tora with the toy and choco balls
(No idea what is it. Only know can be a keychain)

The Tora with the toy and choco balls
(At first I thought that is condom..ade terkejut lah..haha. Ingat advanced betul mainan sekarang)

Latest MiSs PipO with her longest hair this year
(Taken on 28.11.2010)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mana masa rehat?

Final Year Project DONE!
But thesis not yet print~

Now 2 netball matches to go
More lucky compare to my other friends
Extra time to enjoy student life for 2 more weeks again
Everyday need go to training
4-5 Dec, IPTS @ MMU (Defending Champion but this year....I will give my best)
10-12 Dec, Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa @ Muadzam, Pahang

20-22 Dec @ Langkawi

24 or 25 Dec Christmas Party

Argh~mana masa rehat ni?

Find jobs?
Nak tanam "anggur" dulu~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


妈妈终于到Kajang了。今天是第五天,真的感觉好幸福。而且幸福感觉会延续到十一月。今天悲剧却发生了。我跟我弟大吵架!事情是酱~我很烦了结果还要听他在念他的女朋友。好心叫他别大声说话,结果他还以为我骂他。他不停的狂骂我~心情被糟蹋了,终于轮到我发疯!狂丢东西,看到什么就踢!厕所门给我踢坏了。压力达到不行也崩溃了。还好妈赶紧拉我安抚我。那时的我仿佛的失控了。哭到~够力下。真的~ 现在的我好对不起我妈。想道歉却开不了口,死爱面子。她好不容来这陪我们却让她看见了这种事。没有用的我只会自造麻烦和负担。



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello World~

Hello everybody~ It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Well, student life especially when it comes to final year, one word- BUSY! Luckily I have only one midterm test this semester, not like other friends who have 3 or 4 subjects need to study. Oh ya~ now I'm having my mid break for 2 weeks, yeah! I'm not going back to hometown (Sarawak) but need, have, must stay at home doing my final year project. I need to start my video shooting which will spend a lot of time. So too bad and sad again when your holiday is not really a holiday. Anyway~my mama and dajie will come to KL soon, haha. This time mama will stay for more longer, 2 months! Happy happy.

Chubby PipO try to do mata juling

Finally~ after waiting for so long, Hebe..nonono~ now is Tien Fu Zhen (one of the Taiwanese pop group member, S.H.E) is released her first single debut album on 3/9/2010! She is my favourite in S.H.E since in their first album, "Lian Ren Wei Man". Of course I will support ori one.

Please support the ori if you Like, haha


Sunday, July 25, 2010

After 3 Weeks Of My Final Semester

Finally~ is my final year and also my final semester. My friends and I gonna busy like an ant doing own FYP + assignments + projects + tests. No more hang out, maybe seldom mamak-ing or even no time to meet each other. Soon, we will separate to other places, working far away or getting married. Another around 12 weeks for us to enjoy the uni life before we all will have own life later. I knew my papa read my blog, so sweet~ Hurm, just wanna update for him what I'm doing recently in UNITEN. 1st week was World Cup fever. On the 2nd week, I joined netball team for Karnival Sukan 1 Malaysia UiTM and get 4th place from 8 teams, of course sunburn too. So surprisingly, your daughter was a dean's list for last semester and was her 1st time received this kind of honor after 3 years in UNITEN, LoL! Yeah~ received a certificate from Dr. Abdul Rahim as Deputy Dean (Student Affairs) of COIT. Congratulation also to my friends. This week went to movie with friends but a lot of problems happened. It's ok~ no more event like this in future. That's all. Tata~

Posing at UNITEN main entrance while waiting for other members to watch World Cup

Received the certificate from Dr. Abdul Rahim
( Face like~ too touching neh~ )

With my friends, happy happy~

In front that 3 persons are just like a new group singer, haha~ stylo-milo. The blur face is Azmi

UNITEN Netball Team

Jump for Victory
( But I still on ground, :'[ )

Pose with the sunburn faces, love you girls

Movie Day with friends, Vshan Laling

190cm vs 160cm

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

be@rbrick Series 20

OMG! Bear bear oh~ bear bear, you drive me crazy~ I have checked, bearbrick series 20 already been released on June 2010 but I haven't went to Action City to look for it. Headache now~ bearbrick series 20, I want get you all! This time all the bearbricks are so~~

cool + cute + pretty + handsome = AWESOME!

Haih~ but bo lui ah~ no money. HATE it! My Birthday, Valentine, CNY and so on have passed no "outside sources and reasons" to ask my sisters buy for me..LoL. No BF to sponsor me too. Hurm, never mind~ "amalkan kais pagi makan pagi, kais oetang makan petang", at least I can get a few of boxes. Lalalalala~


BASIC with "articulated" feet

A multiple-colored JELLYBEAN (instead of the usual singular tint)

PATTERN featuring designs from SSUR

FLAG featuring South Africa just in time for the 2010 World Cup in June

Captain Action as HORROR

Iron Man Mark VI as SF

Gremlin's Mogwai as ANIMAL. My Favorite!

Toy Story's Lots-O' Huggin Bear for cute

ARTIST: Krooked

ARTIST: fragmentdesign

Monday, June 7, 2010

Boston 又一城 (Sibu Outlet)

Very happy to announce that Sibu has it first "Cha Can Teng", Boston 又一城 and also is the first outlet at East Malaysia. Now, officially opened for Sibu citizen. At least next time I go back to my hometown, I still can have a cup of Ying Yong tea..hehe. For food, I managed to tried the Dry-fried Flat Noodles (Kueh Tiaw) with Sliced Beef Tenderloin. The taste was not bad. Price? Affordable by everyone but maybe a bit pricey for the student. Still need work hard especially at the service part because I read quite a lot of bad comment at their Facebook's page. Anyway, this is a new trendy for Sibu citizen. A new place for youngster to hang out, no more kopitiam and "kampua".

Boston 又一城


The Menu Book

No idea why all table must put the Mahjong

Inside view

Outside View (Combine 2 corner shops)

Outside View

Yau Yat Seng Ying Yong (Cold), RM3.95

Ice-blended Coffee with Ice-cream, RM6.95

Ice-blended Yam Coffee, RM6.95

Dry-fried Flat Noodles with Sliced Beef Tenderloin, RM11.95

Boston又一城 (Sibu, Sarawak)
No 41, Lorong Pahlawan 9,
96000 Sibu,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aunt Christina's Laksa Sarawak

Memang menjadi kebiasaan orang Sarawak merindui makanan kampungnya sendiri terutama makanan itu tidak mudah terdapat di Semenanjung Malaysia. Situasi ini berlaku kepada seorang gadis yang bernama Moonkitty. Dia adalah kakak saya yang aktif berjalan and juga "GPS Manusia". Kerana terlampau rindu terhadap laksa Sarawak, dia melayari Internet dan mendapat tahu di Bangsar terdapat laksa Sarawak. Dia telah membawa saya dan adik dari Kajang ke Bangsar semata-mata hendak memakan laksa Sarawak. Sekejap saja kami berjaya sampai di destinasi, iaitu Kedai Makanan Nam Chun. Di situ anda akan dapat mencari sebuah gerai yang penuh dengan keratan surat khabar dan pemiliknya ialah Aunt Christina. Rupa-rupanya Aunt Christina berasal dari Kuching, Sarawak. Patutlah laksanya memang disukai oleh orang Sarawak kerana rasanya memang sebiji macam laksa yang terdapat di Sarawak. Kepada sesiapa orang Sarawak yang merindui laksa Sarawak, bolehlah singgah di Bangsar untuk menikmatinya.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun

Gerai Makanan Aunt Christina

Laksa Sarawak, RM5.00

Laksa Sarawak mesti dimakan bersama belacan

MiSs PipO dengan gigi arnabnya bersama laksa

Moonkitty dan Ati

Ah Ngu juga datang menyertai pesta laksa

Adik saya makan lagi nasi char siew

Nasi Char Siew

Nasi putih

Sup Kaki Ayam

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Flora Festival (佛光山东禅寺平安灯会花艺展)

Every 9th day of CNY, all Hokkienese will worship and pay homage to Jade Emperor. On this day, I never miss out to go to Dong Zen Temple at Jenjarom. I went there to pray for our family's happiness and don't forget about my study too. The temple was decorated so beautifully with the lanterns. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, the visitors can have vegetables food at the stall provided. This year was Tiger year so can see the main character, Tiger lantern everywhere.

Main Entrance

Night View

Dong Zen Temple


The Big Poster

The Lantern

Tiger's Lantern

Kuan Yin Statues

Threw the coin into the pot to get better luck

Another Statues

Little Monks with different reaction

Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

The place where to put the candle after make the wish

Popi~ Popi~


The candle

The 12 Chinese Zodiacs

Yeah~ I'm the only one!

The Three Good to lead you to be a good person

Wishing Trees

With our zodiacs

The Kungfu Panda

The Big Tiger

Haha~ the bee

The colourful trees

Meow~ Huat ar~

Everywhere lanterns

Wishing Pond

Cute Big Monsters

Moonkitty met her friend

MiSs PipO in Wonderland

Snow Ice~ yummy

Dragon Beard candy (RM10)

I'm not vegetarian so our Dinner, Bat Kut Teh. Haha