Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Just Like a Vacation To Me (the rest week at Kuching)

12 weeks passed. I've completed my internship training and now take a short break at my hometown before going back to UNITEN. This 12 weeks I've enjoy so much. Honestly if you ask what I'm learned in my training, well~ is nothing. If really want to answer it, yea~ I've learned Adobe Illustrator but only a bit. This 3 months at IDS company, my tasks more to WORK not learn. Everyday tried out the system and create instructions or guides of each menu. Then, passed it to my Head Design and she will upload it at the IDS website for the user to view it. That's all. Actually I quite envy to my those friends who learned a lot from their training. They learned PHPs, programming, designs even handle some projects. But never mind, I just keep "deaf". At IDS also not bad, I got a lot of friends like Robin and Apek Chin, Lily my nice supervisor, Sim who just like my sister, Thien, PinPin and etc. I think almost whole company staffs are my friends. Besides works, every week they will organize sports activities. Every Friday I play badminton, Tuesday either got basketball or futsal, bowling, paintball, snooker, hiking and even I got chance to attend Jong's Wedding. Eat eat and drink drink around Kuching. They did farewell to me too, keep farewell for whole 1 week before I back to Sibu. Sim and Hui Hui gave me present too. So paiseh because I didn't prepare to give back anything. Next time got chance I will visit them. Conclusion~ It just like a vacation to me. Yeah~ I got a new nickname at IDS too, KungFu Ping and KFC. Thanks to IDS and the staffs especially MR. Robin. Thanks Tang Sri Christopher to let me stay at his house and borrow his RAV 4 car for 1 week. Too many people wanna thanks to. Anyway, besides thanks is thanks again.

Arena Sukan at Simpang Tiga (Futsal and Badminton)

Thien shows off his dribble skills.

Futsal fields

My big boss Chief Technology Officer, Mr. ReuBen Wee. He looks like Mafia..haha.

Lily Ting, my Supervisor. Rest Queen because she likes to use the rest ( snooker 'x' )

Watch MU team get champion at Food Avenue and at office watch Sudirman Cup using internet streaming.

Uncle McD looks lonely~

Nvm, Let's MiSs PipO accompany you

My Dinner

Lunch with the colleagues at McD again

My lunch at Hai Tian Lou Restaurant. "Gu lou fan"

My lunch again at Vegetarian Restaurant. Cheesess~~

Home Cook Dinner, hiak hiak~~
The egg is twins, got 2 egg yolks
Eat a mangkuk Ice-cream at office.. :p

My Supper, 4 BBQ chicken wings

A bottle of coffee at office :D

P/S : Understand why I fat jor? Now still continuing eating..wahaha

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm HoMe

3 Months in Kuching
Mission Accomplished

I'm HoMe
Finally I'm Back HoMe in Sibu
With rounded FACE :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sushi King @ Boulevard, Kuching (06.06.2009)

To thanks Mr. Robin for helping me a lot on this 3 months training, I decided to "cia" him Sushi King at Boulevard. Actually myself also wanted to eat la..haha. Reached Sushi King at 8.30 PM, not bad~ almost full house. Seem Kuching people likes eat sushi a lot. Find a place to sit, waiting and waiting. After 5 minutes, the waiter just approached us. A bit too late to serve us la.. bro waiter. No good to let customer to wait neh~ Directly served us the cold green tea without asking us wanna cold or hot and no "auto" refilled, =.="' As usual, I ordered my favourte dish, SALMON STEAK set! HiHi. Robin ordered the Ebi Tama Don set (Prawn). Side dishes, "Cumi-cumi", the baby octopus lo (the way my sister and I called it) and scallops. Waiting again, at 9.00 PM the food just came. Wakao~ I saw Robin's Ebi, the Ebi's look "a bit" different from actual picture. I saw liao also no appetite to eat jor. Luckily my salmon "more handsome". The different between KL and Kuching salmon set is KL gave Vitagen and Kuching gave ice-cream. (If I'm not mistaken, LoL). Nyam~ nyam~ nyam~ finished nyam I went to pay the bill. The cashier girl suddenly asked me one red? I thought what one red and answer "yayaya". Rupa-rupanya she asking the side dishes is it only one red plate? The Cumi-cumi jadi free jor. After passes few days I found the resit and just realized it, wahaha. So sorry I didn't mean not to pay it. Also blur jor that time. Paiseh, LoL.

Papa, mama, sister and brother, aH Bin fat liao~ yeah

Sushi King @ Boulevard, Kuching

Green Tea

Ebi Tama Don's looks in Menu

Output : No Comment

Salmon Steak's looks in Menu

Output : Still OK!

"Cumi-cumi's" looks in Menu

Output : Small like my thumb

Scallops Sushi's looks in Menu

Output : Totally different.. haha. No Comment too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gawai HoLiDay (29th May - 2nd June)

Went back to Sibu for a short holiday. Felt so happy can went back reunion with my family. Papa, mama and my sister.. miss you all so much. My mama getting okay, started ate meat and no more porridge. But still need be careful with food. At Sibu, avoiding from any friends, no msn, no YM, no SMS. That's feeling damn nice~ peaceful. I don't care about my friends anymore, they want find me then find. Don't want find, that's fine. If not, people keep thinking I'm "perasan" on what and "terasa". Padahal langsung takde. Enjoy my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper happily with family. Even BBQ my favourite 3 layers pigpork with papa during 1st June of Gawai celebration. Busy downloading the movies for me to watch at night when I go back to Kuching again. The training still 2 weeks to go~ Can't waiting until that time. I really want to finish this training as fast as possible. Going MAD here.. totally tortured my mentality.

Latest Me

Driving my sister's new car, Grand Livina

In the bus, going bek Sibu at 10.00 PM

Reached Sibu at 4.30 Am

My mama did the turtoises. Cute?

BBQ Time. A piece of cake for me to start the fire

"Si Tam Jiak" BBQ the 3 layers pork

Ready to Eat

Hasil Longan yang ditanam oleh papa

Poser. PipO, Amy and Mama

Sibu Nite

"Yiu chang kueh", mama favourite

Breakfast : Mihun Kampua

Breakfast : 3 Layer Teh c

Breakfast : Wantan (Bian Nuek)

Breakfast : Kampua Goreng

Breakfast : Mi Goreng

Supper at Taman Selera Muhibah

Supper : Ais~ Kacang~ Ais Ais Kacang~ Merah

Supper : "Shui Guo Bing"

Supper : "Yiu Chang Kueh" again

Supper : Mi Goreng Lembu

Supper : Dumpling