Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

This year Mid-Autumn also called Mooncake Festival, Annie brought me to Jye Ling's house to celebrate. We having a BBQ party~ pasal makan I memang no. 1, LoL. Actual date for mooncake festival was on Sunday but we celebrated it early on 13/11 Saturday so that we still can rest on Sunday. I ate a lot, "reri" a lot~~ happy :) So many food to eat. On the next day, we celebrated it again at Restaurant Nak Won, Ampang with my cousin. Yeppie~ korean food! Getting gemuk, huh. Never mind, haha. I enjoy eating.

With Prince aH YaO

Starbucks Mooncakes. Tiramisu & Strawberries Flavour

Tai Thong Mooncakes


Main characters of the night

BBQ started!!!

Very Yummy, deer meat

MiSS PipO busy Eat~ eat~ eat~


After bath. Tanglung

Ati, MiSS PipO, Audrey, Annie

Again, MiSS PipO eat~ eat~ eat~

Beef, Pork, KimChi Soup & Rice Cake

Tauke nio gave de. Pun tak tau ape

Monday, November 24, 2008

At Hometown, 17-30 November 2008

Holiday, Holiday, Holiday
At hometown Sibu, Sarawak
Busy packing
Going move back from Sarikei to Sibu officially at 7 December 2008
Grandma was hospitalized in General Hospital Sibu
Hope she getting better
Meet old friends, go for drinks and keep eating
Only have 3 days for me to meet up my friends in Sarikei
Today I met my Lao Mei, my adik angkat
Tomorrow night got dinner again
Busy holiday
busy busy busy busy busy
Sot le, mau start merepek liao
I need rest

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AND1 3on3 Berjaya Times Square

Yaya~ on 17 August 2008, I were one of the referees who's on duty at AND1 3 on 3 at Berjaya Times Square. The competition started at 10 AM and finished at 7 PM. Non-stops play.. of course I were very tired but I having so much fun because I LOVE BASKETBALL. There were 11 courts in front of the Berjaya Times Square.. it was a big event that I ever had in my life.. quite scared because I not a pro referee and lack of experiences. Luckily we worked in pair for a court and my partner was from Puchong, Ah Fai. He covered me a lot. This was my second times being referee in here, the first time was at Mines. Now, I'm not active in basketball ady, sometimes only help as a referee or table officer. In this age, I prefer sit down and enjoy the games. I LOVE THIS GAME.. ^^
More information about AND1 StreetBaller Tour :
My partner, Ah Fai

Court 2

This speaker located exactly behind my court only, my ears deaf of whole day =.=

The scoreboard

Rapping and Beat Box Competition

Break Dancing Competition

3on3 Competition

DONE! Mission Accomplished

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Taiwanese Restaurant, "Fong Lye"

Last week felt so tension and stress when having final exam. So I follow my sis went to Midvalley and The Garden. My sis hope I can "berdikari" then she let me drove the car. Huh, safely arrived at Midvalley. My sis want repair her Swatch watch and I looking for the white shoes. The watch ady "diisytiharkan kantoi" by the shopkeeper and I didn't manage to get white shoes, all not my taste. Pity us having our window shop only... went to The Garden having our lunch. My sis intro to me this restaurant.. "FONG LYE". Service GOOD, FAST and NICE view but the food quite expensive lo. I give 4 stars * * * * :)
Tension and Stress Face
What I Looking At? Later You Will Know~

Sapu-sapu Daun Bawang~

First, Must Taste The Soup

Then, Start The Mee.. YumYum~

I Eat A Lot When I Feel Stresssss and Tensionnnnn

Yeah~ Beef Noodle? Noodle Beef? Whatever~ YUMMY!

Fish Ball?? NoNoNo~ Is Potatoes Ball. My SiS favourite

This Set ReRi Nice~ Onion Beef With Rice

My Cutie SiS, Annie. (Tak Sama Muka Ngan I)


My grandma sick jor. Today this morning my sis Annie called, said doctor already ask my family members took her back from hospital. Well~ the situation not so positive ady. So sad that me and my bro still at Kajang here. I still have Moral II Project to be done at 13/11 and bro only started his final exam. We only will go back to Sarawak on 17/11. I pray and I hope my grandma can wait for us............

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trip To Port Dickson

After exam, we went BBQ at Port Dickson. 3 cars start leaving at Petronas at 7.oo PM, reached PD at 9.oo PM. Thought will gonna having fun but many friends cannot go. Really SAD when Vshan told me aH reen cannot go.. no mood jor. So this time no cameraman. But got new members join like Aizat, Jengkoil n Shahrul. No happy with this time trip, I prefer last time trip at Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. I'm the one who have to help "hidupkan api".. pity saw Aizat, Jengkoil n Shahrul. If you ask me what's PD looks like.. sorry, I can't describe for you. What I know is "DARK". Even I BBQ also using torchlight n HP light.. and so glad that we only got one torchlight. Another interesting things is there was a white car parked beside us, GUESS what they are doing? Yeah, what you thinking now is exactly what they are doing. WoW~ the girl scream a lot babe~ I even saw a live show in front of my eyes.. stupid they opened the light inside the car.. dah la lampu putih lagi.. but I accidently saw ya. We bla from PD at 2.30 AM. One hour later we reached UNITEN. One things I have to tell, actually Dhi also can drive fast leh... haha. So lame.. LoL.

PictuRe Of tHe MontH

Timer 10 sec by camera aH reen
Last Special Sem

Well, another semester finished. This sem for me quite tough. Many assignments, quizzes, project... at last final exam completed. Still remember I sat whole day in front of laptop doing my project a week of raya holiday and at I slept in library at 3 AM when studying for when final exam. So lucky I already gone through this all. Really thanks to my lovely friends, especially my library geng, laling Vshan, Rachi and Hisyam. Don't forget to thanks for Dhi and Azmi notes. Thanks to aH reen (DOMO), JanJan and Zai.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hidup Orang Bujang

Pilihan bijak, tepat dan menjimatkan masa
Ada brand maggi, mamee, sarimi, indomee...kari, tomyam, ayam, mi goreng
Anda boleh menikmati santapan anda dalam masa 2 minit sahaja
Inilah kehidupan orang bujang
Nak masak malas because leceh, nanti mahu cuci lagi
Sometimes makan aje nasi bungkus, makan sama kak or adik kat luar, or eat at UNI oni
Selalu hujan, tak leh naik kapchai keluar makan so masak mi lagi
Inilah kehidupan orang bujang~~
When busy, busy exam, busy assignments, midnite lapar.. ada mi segera teman
Thanks mi segera.

P/S : 2 papers to go. Multimedia technology (3/11/08) and Moral II (5/11/08).
Confirm going back at 17/11/08 to Sarawak.
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