Friday, August 22, 2008

Souvenirs From My Parents

This year May of 2008, my parents have a vacation to China.
Luckily the place that my parents visited was far from Sze Chuan, where the serious earthquake happened in China.
Of course I will ask for souvenirs... I want Olympic Mascot.. anything will do as long is bout olympic mascot.
So my papa bought many kind of keychains, a shirt and a silk short.
Thanks papa and mama


Silk Short, RM60!! =.="'

KeyChains, my mum bought as donation to Sze Chuan's Earthquake


Monday, August 18, 2008

mY pHotoShop aSSignMeNt : SAW V

MY group photoshop assignment
Is about DVD cover, title SAW V
We two like to watch scary n horror movie
Idea from Kavitha
Edit by MiSS PipO
Black face (doing mask) is MiSS PipO
Holding hoe is Kavitha

Thursday, August 14, 2008










Sunday, August 10, 2008


28th of July 2008, Monday I skipped Moral Studies class.
I went to CHELSEA Training Session at Stadium Shah Alam.
First, SORRY to say that I'm NOT CHELSEA fan! LoL.
Second, I'm red devil fan, MANCHESTER UNITED! YeaH~
So maybe you people think for what I still went for it?
Suka-suka aje..haha. My sister, Annie has the PASS to watch them training.
So for what reason that I should not go? haha.
The famous football club came, CHELSEA with famous footballer like Michael Ballack, Frank Lampard, John Terry etc.
Just want to feel the atmosphere of WORLD CLASS FOOTBALL.
I used Putra Line and my sis pick me at Bukit Jalil Station, she just off work from at ASTRO.
Together with her colleagues we went to stadium.
The training started at 6.30 pm. Many Chelsea fans already waiting in the stadium.
I forgot to bring my spectacles =.="' Only can see tiny players like ants running here and there.
But I still managed recognized Micheal Ballack (Midfield) and Petr Cech (Goalkeeper).
The training finished at 9 something, we went for dinner and send my cousin back.
A bit tired but happy too. Never has a experience like this before.
Special thanks to my sister, Annie for bringing me to watch the training session.
The result Malaysia versus Chelsea was 0-2 (Scorer : Nicolas Anelka and Ashley Joe)

The Training Pass

Stadium Shah Alam

The View Of The Stadium

Malaysia vs Chelsea

Main Sponsor

Chelsea Players On Training

Petr Cech, The Goalkeeper

MiSS PipO in Da Stadium

Sepet Pose

Chelsea Fan Want KICK me for booing Chelsea.. LoL

Ah Xian (Cousin), piNg, Annie

Xian, piNg, Foo and Ryan

With Ryan


Sunday, August 3, 2008


At last, I got the chance to feel a bit UNI life in UNITEN. Almost 2 years in UNITEN I didn't join any club or society. Maybe because i'm the November intake student in UNITEN. Less activities were held on that time. Plus i'm foundation student.. a lot of assignment, quiz and homeworks. Really don't have extra time for others activities. But this year 2008 on my 1st year degree last semester, I decided to enter some societies and clubs. So I joined Chinese Culture Society, Badminton and Netball. WHY I choose Chinese Society? Of course wanna getting know some leng zai mah~ haha.. jk nia.. but that one of the reason la..LoL. Since I was in UNITEN, be honest... I really don't have much chinese gang.. in my class, i'm the only chinese girl. in my course. The most pretty, ugly, fat, slim all is me.. seriously. Chinese guys leh? Only got one too.. =.=" , Mr. Ng lo. Another chinese friend is Ting Ting from Kelantan.

For Netball, I joined because of my friend, Rachi. She ask me to accompany her but for main reason, I WANT TO KEEP FIT!! I'm getting FATTER! Every Tuesday and Wednesday have training. Although i'm not a great player buy I really hope that UNITEN Netball team will join MASUM.. my tangan "gatal" liao. UNITEN don't has Basketball team.. so sad.. damn it!!

Back to Chinese Society, last month on 18th to 20th I have FRESHIE CAMP 2008. The camp was not bad, quite fun. I so proud that i'm the oldest participant in the camp..LoL. Even the president of the society was born in 1987, apuu~~ Other participants all were in year 1990.. apu e nai~~ Time is CRUEL! I started felt that i'm so old.. luckily I still manage to stay "connected" with them. Have to act young la..haha. We played a lot of games and I really enjoyed it. But I have to admit that I'M OLD! Don't have stamina to fight with youngsters and east to get tired.

Hope there will be more activities coming in future in my UNI LIFE.


Group Photo

With Angel, My Angel is Rong Kun

My Team Get The Best Cooperation Team

Our Prize

My Freshie, Ah Jun n Ah Loke.

Group Photo After Won The Game

With Freshies

Guide My Partner

Taman Tasik Pemaisuri, Cheras

My Team Flag, Fei Zai Lok

Group Three

Treasure Hunt's Map

MiSS PipO In Action

Treat From Freshie

Macho Men with their Horses

Saturday, August 2, 2008

PictuRe Of tHe MontH

Month of August
Predict this month will be a busy month for MiSS PipO
Assignment, Project, Quiz, Test, Netball.... Bring it On!!
MiSS PipO won't scared of you!
But PipO more scared she don't has time for SLEEP~~ =.="'
Jia You!
Aza Aza Fighting!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I aM MiSS PipO!!!

Apa tu?
What's that?
Shen me yi shi?
Ha Mi Ming Kia?

Well~ many people asking me, what and why I using MiSS PipO?

This story has to look back 5 years ago when I was 17 years old, I having a basketball training at Bintangor, Sarawak. That time trained basketball inter school division competition which was held at Bintangor too. I stayed at my friend, Jing Jing's house. One day after training, I, Jing Jing and Hui Chu, three of us were walking to have lunch. Suddenly there was a guy, using kapchai (old motorcycles) kept looking at us.. he can ride the motorcycles without looking in front but still can ride it steadily (Amazing~). Then we started to "kacau" each others.. said tat guy was ur hubby la.. he looking at you la.. and so on. So, how this connected to PipO? Now only important part coming~ the guy's face was fully fill with pimples! Hui Chu create a new "password" for the word pimples. From that day, pimples became PIPO. The next day training, we saw the guy again. Almost everyday, no matter day or night we sure will saw the pimple's guy. As usual we started teasing each others. PIPO became our favourite word.

Last 2 years, I was trying finding a contact number at my sister's hp. I saw a name with "Miss Pipo". I'm so curious and asked her who is Miss Pipo. Then I found out is me because the number showing my hp number.. =.="' I remembered last time my friends like to call me pipo. I asked my sister why put my name as Miss Pipo, I thought she know the story about pipo too. She said she only simply put it.. LoL. But suddenly I got an idea.. I want "MISS PIPO" to be my trademark. That's why you can see I put Miss Pipo at my picture, even my Blog also using it. Plus my last name is PING, 1st two letters are "PI"...haha. That's all about how MISS PIPO was "born".