Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tanjung Sepat (16.8.2009)

On 15 August 2009, my parent came to KL to attend Ade bro's convocation on the following week. Although all of us were really busy that time but we still manage to bring them to have fun. I even skip the class just to accompany papa and mama who came far away from Sarawak. If not, every year need to wait for CNY to go back to Sarawak. Papa said he want go to Tanjung Sepat, so that's our first destination. Let's go~

The arrival of Papa and Mama at LCCT

They brought "chai pau" and "bak pau" from Sarawak

They knew their children miss Laksa from Sarawak. Thanks papa and mama :P~ sedap~

Sepang Gold Coast, almost reach Tanjung Sepat

The hotel still in development stage

"Yew Char Kueh" promoters

The most famous gadget nowadays, each car must has one flip flap

DOMO ~~ :"(

Family Photo exclude Amy

Poyo~ Amoi ni mau ambik berapa spec ah? Sepia + LoMo

Piggy bought Doraemon, Moonkitty bought Hello Kitty

Oh No~ Gotcha! My cow escape from farmville! haha

Ok, after enjoying the view at the beach, we started visiting the places that must go when at Tanjung Sepat. There so many factories, farms and food shops but we only manage went 5 places because we don't have enough time.

1. Kilang Kerepek Ubi (Tapioca Manufactured)

Variety of fried tapioca that you can buy

The process making the fried tapioca
1 packet RM3.50
3 packets RM10.00

Other products in the shop. Honey, Tom Yam, Tea

Ice Cream Time~ Papa belanja

Haha~ buy a lot of tapioca chips

2. Yek Long Enterprise, (Fishball)

Watching live on how to process the fishball

Fish Paste and the fish balls machine

The minced fish ball

The fish balls put in the water to prevent flies before packaging process

Fried "Fu Chuk"

After packed it, the fish balls are ready to be eaten

Non-stop customer coming to buy the fresh fishballs

Yummy~ RM5 per packet

3. Hai Yew Heng Steam Pau

Use machine to make pau but the "inti" of the pau still manually done

Before and after

Fulamak~ 2 thumb up!
Kaya Pau RM1.10
Char Siew Pau RM2.00

Tidak lokek dengan intinya
"Mei Chai Pau" finished liao, a bit disappointed

Kueh Udang, RM0.50 each

"Sa lei", air kedondong

4. Joo Fat Trading, the simplest advertisement board

From coffee beans to coffee powder

Testing Time~

Smell good~ As my energy boost for coming final exam

Choosing the best bean to get roast

The machines and equipments

5. Last Destination~ Ganofarm Factory

Moonkitty posing~

Mushrooms species , the red one is ling zhi

Wanna know the name? Come and visit lo~

PipO with Ling Zhi

Mushroom for sale, workers pack the mushroom

The Ling Zhi Products

Men Favourite, Tongkat Ali. Available at here too

Behind the farm, there is "Qing Ren Qiao" mean Lover Jetty. We stopped there and enjoy another view of the beach. No seafood because Moonkitty go to work at night. That's my papa and mama.

My Sibling

The interesting places in Tanjung Sepat

Don't worry, here the map to help you to get there