Friday, September 25, 2009

Susie's and My Bro's Convocation (12.8.2009) & (22.8.2009)

August was a graduation month. On 12 August, I attended Susie's convocation at UM. That time was my midterm break so I went there with Moonkitty. Susie graduated from Faculty of Built Environment majoring Building Surveying with 3.63 pointer, smart girl.

piNg, Susie and Alyn

UM Tradition, must throw high up to the sky 3 times. That's what Susie told me.

Then, on 22 August was my bro, ADE convocation at New Era College. My bro finished his Diploma in System Administrations. He even get the Best Student Awards. I was shocked jor when heard the announcement from emcee. Now he continuing his degree in the same college too. Anyway, I hope he can do the best too in his degree. Gambateh la. Don't always gaming.

All wearing the mask.

Received certificate

Group photo

My Bro, ADE

Papa and Mama were so happy with my bro achievement

Moonkitty with papa & mama

My Turn

Present for my bro

Moonkitty and ADE

piNg and ADE. Look ALIKE?

My Bro's Friends

Monday, September 21, 2009

Subway (7.8.2009) & New Mattress (10.7.2009)

On 6th August, UNITEN was closed due to H1N1. So I just stayed at home. Friday morning, Moonkitty asked me accompany her to Sg. Wang because she want to buy masquerade mask. Lunch time, we went to Subway. Moonkitty got 2 free tickets that she won at Astro Treasure Hunt. Wah~ this was my first time I went to Subway. Macam sakai. Takut buat malu so I main follow aje Moonkitty. Finished eating, we pun bla~ balik early to avoid jam.

Masquerade Mask, RM16.80

Free Tickets of Subway Six Inches Sub

Subway, Sg.Wang

My choice, Turkey Breast

Wanna find me as the model for the advertisement?

Moonkitty's Choice, Italian BMT

Find Moonkitty also can as the model

Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng~ Jeng~
Finally I got my new mattress on 10th August 2009, sponsored by Moonkitty. Thanks. Best tido~

Sexy Back? No, Because our faces not "ready yet". Nanti jatuh saham~ :D

Before and after

Opening ceremony~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gloomy Raya

I still remember last year raya was a nightmare to me. That 1 week holiday I was work very hard on my Multimedia Project. Everyday only sleep 3 hours. Luckily I got my best buddy, Vshan Laling accompany me. We did the project together although we were from different section. Also Rajpreet come "teman" aje because her group members were superb, they done the project already. This year more worse, no more Vshan so alone at home do the assignments and projects. Now wait Dhi come back to UNITEN to do the group assignments. Then, last week I accidently betrayed my friend, dia xmo percaya I lagi, :[ Kolien~ when the holiday is not a holiday. Never mind, enjoy after the final sajelah~

| Artificial Intelligent |
1. Assignment 2 (Due Date : 7.10.2009)
2. Mini Project

| Human Computer Interaction |
3. Project (GPS)
Submit two week before the Final Exam

| Introduction To Computer Graphics |
4. Assignment 2 - Building 2D Image
Due Date : 8.10.2009

| Computer Modelling and Creativity |
5. The Black Square Problem (Submitted)
6. Group Assignment 2 - Find 5 posters
Due Date : 5.10.2009

| IT Communication |
7. Letter of Application and Resume (Submitted)
8. Technical Presentation Slides

9. Report - Haze (14.10.2009)

Wiber Pan (潘玮柏), Meet Fans In New Era (6.8.2009)

Wilber Pan (潘玮柏), the Taiwanes singer came to Malaysia to promote his latest album, 007(零零七). He came to my bro college, New Era, Kajang. My brother knew Moonkitty is Wilber Pan fan so he gets the ticket for us. My bro told us the the event is at 7PM but actually is 8PM. Nearly wanna cekik him liao. He donno I "rempit" my kapchai until maximum speed with Moonkitty at my back. Fuh, but never mind, 3 of us take a drinks at the canteen before entering the auditorium hall. Finally Wilber showed up at 9 something and started singing. Wilber hurt his finger so the show ended with shake hand and the signature was replaced by a small sticker stick at front album cover.

Enjoy The Slides (10)

Wilber Pan

piNg and Moonkitty

Selling the CD's

YCGallery's Nikon Camera, T300

As Usual, Cam-whore

My Bro, Ade

Ade and Moonkitty

The Emcee, Wei Kang. My FM DJ

Wilber's dancer

My Butt with Wilber

Finished the show we went up to Hur Kee for the dinner. We are regular customers of this restaurant. Located at Sg. Chua.

"Kam Kat", air asam

Recommended, "Tie Ban Tau Foo"

"Ma Mi Pai Gu"


Usus Pig Pork, haha.

IPTS Netball Open at USIM (25-26.7.2009)

Finished futsal I continue with the netball. Sorry to my futsal team, Kickballer because I couldn't attend the closing ceremony. The netball match clash with the date. Even the training I need to went "selang-seli" day. Sometimes 5-7PM train for futsal, 8.30-10PM for netball in the same day. Tak larat dah so I kena take turn pergi training ni. Anyway, the result was not bad, we managed reached the quarter final from 30 team if not mistaken la. As usual, I as the attacker, the center or wing attack. Again, sunburn. Forgot who said that is the indoor game. Pui~ Luckily the weather was cloudy. Really enjoy the game, like what I did during my secondary school.


Finished the first match

Group Photo before the match

Gimme The Ball!
Huh, why my ass look so big in this picture?

Stupiak Look PipO

My Coach Not satisfied with the result. We should get more than that.

Sum, The Captain

During the second day. Again, Ngoky PipO

Kak Jah Coming. Suppose to play but injured during the training

National and Bukit Jalil Player, damn tall!

The Match

Sum injured her shoulder

Itu dia, Ping took the center ball

Angry face by PipO, wanna hit people liao. But I'm Discipline Player

Match Finished. Shake hands