Monday, April 19, 2010

Christmas 2009

Yayaya~ I know it is a very super late post but I'm was too busy with the study and project so only now I've time to blog it. Well, every year I will celebrated the Christmas although I'm not a Christian, LoL. Saja-saja bersuka ria di samping mengeratkan lagi hubungan adik-beradik.. wakaka. Erm, the first thing we did is we set up the Christmas tree. Of course having some nice food, hehe. Very simple and it more to family gathering.

Let's took the picture first before set up the Christmas tree

Yeah~ piNg rocker!



Wah~ canteknya~

My brother, Ati & sister Amy
So cute~

Yam Seng dulu sebelum berstimbot

My both sisters just back from Ipoh and they bought Ipoh salted Chicken
Finished whole chicken in 15 minutes only. Hebat!

100% & Coke

Peace. piNg & Ati

Haha~ Keciknya mata

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seremban Seafood Village

With Moonkitty went to Seremban to take my elder sister, Amy's electronic dictionary. We decided settle our lunch at Seremban before heading back to Kajang. Moonkitty brought me to try the famous baked crab at Seremban Seafood Village. This shop has been recommended by many media, one of then is Astro AEC, "Taste With Jason". I love the sauce very much. Taste so perfect when dip it with the crab meat. There are only two of us so we didn't order much, only order 2 famous dishes, the grill crab and egg yolk butter squids.

Seremban Seafood Village

MiSs PipO, so "tam chiak"



The special sauce ala Thai, love it!

The starter, fried wanton skin

Grilled Crabs, 1 KG

Egg Yolk Butter Squids


Friday, April 16, 2010

After Third Year, First Semester End

As usual, like a tradition there is a hang out session with my friends. At least we will have a dinner together. But most of us still busy with the FYP project 1 and Multimedia System Design project. So the gathering felt suck because a lot of them missing in action. I miss the first BIG gathering at the first year. Never mind, I understand. Some of them need get ready for their industrial training and started working too. This semester memang gile bowling and makan-makan only. Seem I'm the "freeman", each hang out I must count in. That's mean I play a important role among my friends, haha. Or because I'm too free? LoL

First event: Dinner at Restauran Hani Medan Ikan Bakar

No idea where to go so came to Putrajaya

The Cendi's Boys, KeGAYan yang rapat

Wan, Hisyam and Dhiya missed out the first event so they ask for the Bowling at Mines

MiSs PipO, NooBer and Rachi, Poser

First Round Result:
1st: Rachi, Poser (Di Luar Jangkaan)
2nd: Hisyam, Orang Lidi (Sangat Di Luar Jangkaan)
3rd: MiSs PipO (Ala~ Baru Warm Up)
4th: Abang Wan (Relax ah~)
5th: Dhiya (Gaya Ada tapi penat bola cuci longkang, haha)

Second Round Result:
1st: MiSs PipO (Ini Semestinya~)
2nd: Abang Wan (Ha! Inilah dia~)
3rd: Hisyam, Orang Lidi (Ala~ Tangan Sakit)
4th: Rachi (Ala~ Tangan Lemah)
5th: Dhiya (Tetap ada Gaya tapi longkang dah sangat bersih, haha)

Tetiba Rachi, Hisyam, Wan & Dhiya main ni pulak. Semuanya pun "wicked"!

Hungry~ Back to PaPa Rich, Cyberjaya to have dinner @ supper at 11.30pm

Amboi~ Happy Rachi sambil gaul asam laksanya

After bowling session, we rest a day to complete the FYP Project 1 Report. This the day we went to photostat the completed report at Wawasan and passed it to our Supervisor. Tension gone and felt super duper hungry. Went to Pizza Hut, Alamanda to celebrate.

Actually I not really like Pizza, LoL

A very good friend of mine, Rachi the Poser

At last, relaxing betol. Mana-mana pun boleh tertido

Apa maciam ni, they all already pass up the report, I belum ni~

The next day, Wan want buy new handphone at Low Yat so again, pengikut Hisyam, MiSs PipO and Rachi sekali lagi menemaninya. Sayang sekali, check ATM duit Mara belom masuk. So go jalan-jalan, have lunch at A & W

MiSs PipO & Rachi. Cis~ berjaya jadi kurus, Si Siput. Wahahaha

MiSs PipO: Meh la~ show off our food la, cicham

Rachi: U ingat u yang ade ke? Jom Wan, ngaumm~

Rachi met her best friend, Ducky

On the way back, it's raining. I and rachi slept at the back and si jahat Hisyam took our "sleeping beauty" face. Don't use that picture "ugut" us

First week Wan doing his Industrial Training, maybe he too bored and asked us accompany him to eat dinner. Kavi, Nisha and Rachi still have MEDEC soft skill at UNITEN and I'm doing nothing at home. We were on the way to Alamanda

At Old Town White Coffee. Forgot what Rachi want to share until need to act it out and I was..."WOW!"...haha

Tak pedulikan Rachi and they choosing the menu seriously~

Wan's idea. I'm imitating the kid..ada sikit feel? The girl with the black shirt kacau aje..haha

The weekend of second week Wan doing his practical. At 6.00pm, Saturday, Wan came pick me then fetch Hisyam at Cendikiawan.

Wassup? I'm in cendi~
Wan came back from toilet.

Again~ Bowling fever. Glow in the dark @ Midvalley

Wan: This time I must win! Be champion!

MiSs PipO: Sorry Wan, you need practice more to bet me. Please try again, haha

After a long discussion about where to have our dinner, we choose Sushi King

Wan: Huh, this is my first time and my last time come to Sushi King.
MiSs PipO: Ala~ Wan, macam mana nak pi Japan lain hari?

The Action City @ The Garden
Compulsory to visit the be@rbrick and Domo when I at The Garden.
After that, we have movie, Date Night.
Reached Kajang at 2.30am but Wan still need drive back to Gombak from Kajang. I know he is tired but we all happy.

I and Hisyam purposely when to Puchong met Vshan laling twice and lepak at Bukit Jalil mamak that he brought us. Bluffing, playing cards, sisha-ing (not me, haha), teh tarik, talk about future and of course, gossiping.