Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas MooD

Last week went Jaya Jusco Balakong to buy Christmas tree. Moonkitty was very excited to has Christmas tree. That time we were thinking whether want took green or white tree. Finally we chose the white one, more special like the tree was with snow. No plan for Christmas Day, the city sure full of people. I hate crowded places.

The Decoration Stuff

Moonkitty Fix Up The Tree

Happy Moonkitty

Miss PipO Happy

At Last~ The Bling Bling Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 1st Deepavali Celebration In My Life

Thanks to my bro, Vshan Laling. Because of him, I had my 1st experience of Deepavali celebration. 27 of November 2008, at 2 PM, Hisyam, Sree and I went to Vshan's house. We were waiting for Vshan at Mobil Station because we don't know the way to his house. We enjoying eating curries, yummy~ After I finish a plate of rice, Vshan's mama gave me another plate. =.="' walaoeh~ Full full full~ Perut kenyang hati gembira, haha. Vshan's dog very cute, is poddle. Named Akil. But Akil only listen to his mama. I kena buli by Akil, huhu. At 5 PM Rachi joined us too. We went to Vshan girlfriend's house. Can't eat anymore. Stomach overload ady. Ohya, Vshan's papa gave us angpow, yeah yeah~ Y(^^)Y

At Vshan's House

At Anu's House. Muka Happy Betol Vshan, haha

Maruku? Muruku? Maruko?


Indian Tradisional


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Air Justin Concert 2008 Live In Genting

Last 18 October 2008, my beloved sister, Annie treated me to her favourite Hong Kong singer concert named Justin Lo Juk Teen 側田 (not Justin Timberlake ya). The concert was held at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands. We enjoyed a lot from the concert.

Air Justin 2008 Live in Genting

Moonkitty and Miss PipO

The Tickets

The Crowds

Justin Lo Juk Teen

Special Guest, Stephy

End Of The Concert

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We Love You, Grandma

On Monday, 11.30 PM, 8 December 2008,
While I were get ready to sleep, my sis suddenly came in to the room with the red eyes. She said, "Ah po bo liao~". I didn't cry, I just silent. Because I knew that day will come but it come more faster than what I expected. My sis asking my mum, "Should I, Ping and Ati go back to Sarawak? My mum said up to you. But the ticket price is ridiculous high than usual. If 3 of us going back, my sis has to pay to Air Asia RM 3000. My sis asking my papa again. Papa said never mind, no need to go back. Sorry that I couldn't attend my grandma's funeral. Forgive us grandma. We really love you.

Monday, December 8, 2008

RaYa-RaYa 2008

Today is a big day to my all Malay friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. Wish they are having fun now. Well~ last month exam mode then went back to Sarawak busy moving house and now new sem ady, tak berpeluang update pasal raya. Hari ni dah raya Aidiladha baru mau cerita pasal hari raya..haha. Sorry cz MiSs PipO mmg sibuk. Last raya Azmi invited us all to Sentul, beraya at his house. What date reri forgot jor but I only knew that day was Saturday. Walaoweh~ we were stuck in jam for 2 hours! Mau mampus~ >.< style="text-align: center;">Group Photo

Show Off My Kaki Gajah, LoL


The Guys

The Girls. Hema, are u looking at Me?

Hotties~ wahaha


With bro, Vshan

Adik Dhi

piNg & Komet

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PictuRe Of tHe MontH

NerDy LooK

This picture I took it in Hua Hua Restaurant toilet when I'm in half consciousness because actually I were drunk ady, I drank 5 tins of tiger beer, ONLY. I were waiting for my sister come out from toilet. Main point is I only want to share to you all about my new spec..haha. Try to be a nerdy look. Erm, accidently ter"act" cute because half drunk. Forgive me if I make the viewer want vomit..haha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival 2008 in UNITEN

I promised ah Reen that I will come to UNITEN and celebrated the Mooncake Festival with other friends. We only started playing at 10 PM because I have dinner with my cousin and Reen went meeting with her mom. We all promised on the next year mooncake festival, we will gathering again to celebrate it. Friends~ next year mooncake festival is on 3.10.2009 ... hehe

WoW~ full moon

The Lanterns

From left to right : Kavi, Nisha, Rachi, Wan, Reen n Vshan



YeaH! Tanglung~

Bro 4ever

Vshan act cool~

Seriusnya Reen ni~

Tanglung terkorban, kasihan~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival 2008

This year Mid-Autumn also called Mooncake Festival, Annie brought me to Jye Ling's house to celebrate. We having a BBQ party~ pasal makan I memang no. 1, LoL. Actual date for mooncake festival was on Sunday but we celebrated it early on 13/11 Saturday so that we still can rest on Sunday. I ate a lot, "reri" a lot~~ happy :) So many food to eat. On the next day, we celebrated it again at Restaurant Nak Won, Ampang with my cousin. Yeppie~ korean food! Getting gemuk, huh. Never mind, haha. I enjoy eating.

With Prince aH YaO

Starbucks Mooncakes. Tiramisu & Strawberries Flavour

Tai Thong Mooncakes


Main characters of the night

BBQ started!!!

Very Yummy, deer meat

MiSS PipO busy Eat~ eat~ eat~


After bath. Tanglung

Ati, MiSS PipO, Audrey, Annie

Again, MiSS PipO eat~ eat~ eat~

Beef, Pork, KimChi Soup & Rice Cake

Tauke nio gave de. Pun tak tau ape