Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Convocation

16 October 2011 was my convocation day but honestly, not so excited because almost a year I've leaving the uni life. I've been waiting for 11 months for this day. It was suppose to hold on August but Uniten has some changes on their education schedule. Finally I graduated in Bachelor of Information Technology (Graphics and Multimedia) after spend 5 years and RM50,000 to finish my degree at UNITEN..haha. By the way, I'm more excited to meet my friends. After last year gathering some of us were never meet up or even contact each other. Have a short gathering during robe collection and rehearsal. Glad that some of them are really doing good and a few of them decided or continue study for Master. Uni life~ sometimes I miss it very much. Well, thanks to my families who came from Sarawak just to attend my convocation. Thanks for the flowers and of course the be@rbrick Gremlins 400%!

The robe and also the cupcake from Alumi

MisS PipO with the present, be@rbrick Gremlins 400%

The family photo shoot at studio

The actual day of my convocation, 16 October 2011.

Here the pictures with my Uni's friends. Some of the friends are missing because I'm rushing to go back due to my elder sister need to go airport soon that time.

Thanks to Dayana who took this picture.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm be@rbrick collector

Anonymous: What's that?
Me: be@rbrick
Anonymous: For what?
Me: (still smiling~) Just a collection
Anonymous: So~ can eat ah? hahahaha~
Me: (started fed up~) That's my hobby, toy collector especially be@rbrick
Anonymous: Cute meh? So ugly and expensive~
Me: (Fxxx Off!) At least cuter than you and they don't talk shit like you....(I'm hot temper person)

Saw this creatures when I'm watching Taiwanese variety show. The host, Huang Zhi Jiao that time introduced his bearbrick collection. Fall in love with them and I want collect it too. Innocent me thought they are just cheap toy but I'm totally WRONG. Bought my first bearbrick for RM12.90 at Midvalley. Lucky me picked artist series 11 from the blind box. My love for them become deeper and deeper~ Yeah, I have been poisoned badly. Current price per box is RM19.80 if don't have promotion @ Action City. Not all I bought from blind box but some of them bought online or separately from Urban Tee @ Sunway Pyramid. Maybe my cute definition is slight different from other. :) I'm not super fanatic about it because I still in rational stage. Need spend wisely since I have to save money for other expenses. Now, I'm searching for the old series.

P/s: One of my boyfriend's requirement is must know what is be@rbrick. :D

My be@rbrick collection from 2007 to present

Monday, May 2, 2011

That's my recent life, work and jog

After 4 months, finally I'm back! I'm not more a uni student. I'm a standard "kuli"...err~ worker who work office hour at company "A" with standard salary. Felt thankful at everything, thanks to my family and friends who direct or indirectly help me.

Let's update my working life~ Production Resources Officer. My job is more to admin work, involving ScheduAll and SAP. Basically need to have a good relationship between all the supervisors because I will interact with them frequently regarding the booking. Also the vendor. I faced difficulty at the first month because I need to learn fast and adapt all then apply on the spot. Damn on what ScheduALL and SAP.. apa tu pun x tau. Luckily my boss and colleagues are nice. They willing teach me one by one. That's the most important. My busy level depend on what is happening at production team. Like now are Akademi Fantasia 9, Astro Star Quest, Masterchef and so on. Actually when I heard some of my friends who work in graphics field, big big company with big big salaries, I'm very envy. But now I felt grateful. At least I'm happy, enjoy with my work and less stress compare to them. Let's gain working experiences first. My friends seem very busy even when I want meet them I need to make appointment..LoL. Anyway I'm proud of my friends and wish them all the best la..haha. I miss my friends very much. How are you guys?

The last big gathering
Friends share special time together!

My PC. I'm a Korean freak, my boss too. We always talk about dramas, idols and gossip about it. Interesting to have open-minded and caring boss. Well, as you guys know, after sit for whole day~ I need some inspires to force me to keep fit and stay healthy. Girls' Generation with long legs~ slurp~ :p~

My working tag. Look like indo maid, so dark and.. thin? haha. Ohya~ I'm a contract staff so I need registered myself at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. Cool right? I've my own company under my name. The red packet is from Moonkitty (RM28) and Piggy (RM50). Give red packet mean lucky lucky and huat ar~

This is my work station. Full of sticker notes because there is a lot of thing need to remember. The contact numbers la, the codes la, GL codes la, and macam macam lagi lah. Anyway, above there is LCD to watch.. layan Glee s2 selalu~

Ta ta~ This is my colleague, Nana. 1 years older than me from UiTM. Sama sot de, haha. Everyday talk about keep fit but also what to eat for lunch at the same time. Another colleague is Indian guy, Vanan. Not Vshan laling ya..haha.

As usual, I love to eat so of course I won't miss out the photo of nice food that I ate during my lunch time. First row is ayam penyet. Suddenly I miss the gathering at Seksyen 15 Bangi with my friends. Second row is ekor goreng and telur dadar yang lazat at Sri Petaling..yummy!

Boss belanja satay at perhentian rehat entah di mana..haha. Makan saja I. Thanks boss! Vanan treat us the nasi daun pisang at Puchong. Nice one! I like it! Laling and sree~ when want go for it?

Happy hour Friday~ Kak Nak Jem bawa limau bali. On the spot we eat 2 pomelos. Some more with the belacan too.. dae bak! haha.

Went for jogging after work. Normally reached home at 7pm. 7.30pm start jogging for 30 minutes. Weekend 1 hour. What to do~ after left uni no more sport for me. To enjoy more food I need work hard to stay healthy..haha. Hidup untuk makan.

My secret place. Secret Garden? No~ is secret car park..haha. Really enjoy jogging at the car park roof with Kajang view. Peaceful except the Pak arab keep whistle at me from apartment corridor but I just ignore, I admit I'm a "pretty girl" jogging at special place..haha. Increase my mp3 volume and pretending I didn't hear it.

My dream is just a visual dream. Visual dream from Girls' Generation..haha. My best friend, Sony mp3.

Day View

Night View

Beautiful right? At here I always enjoy the wind, view and keep remind myself to thankful, grateful and appreciate everything.

Okay~ that's my sexy back with big butt.

That my recent life, work and jog.