Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daorae, The Korean BBQ @ Puchong (20.11.2009)

Finally we managed to help our brother to celebrate his birthday since at his birthday week we all busy like crab. Again, Moonkitty the master planner decided go to Korean BBQ at Puchong. We just wanna try other Korean's restaurant besides our favourite, Nak Won. If really want to do comparison, I still love Nak Won.. :p But, I like the Daorae's glass noodle pan fried, in other word is vermicelli noddle. Besides celebrate my bro's birthday, is also a small reward for me because my netball competition that I participated have won and is champion.

Korean BBQ Restaurant, The Daorae


Main Entrance

The restaurant environment

MiSs PipO

The Drinks

Miso sauce, garlic, salt and paste

Side Dishes

Steamed Egg and Salad

Belly Pork


Marinated Beef

Glass Noodle Pan Fried (Vermicelli)

Rice Cake

Pan Cake, Tauke Gave Free



Before going back, we went to Oldtown White Coffee to have some drinks

Tuesday, December 29, 2009












Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Deepavali (17.10.2009)

This is my second year celebrating Deepavali at here and we went to visit Vshan's house. We eat, drink and chit-chatting so much because after 1 week, we all will have our final exam. There's some pictures I took as memories.

Deepavali 2008, that time Vshan still look fatty and Hisyam macam budak lagi.

Deepavali 2009. OMG, Fazli getting "healthier".. LoL

Setinggi gunung~ very hungry

Yippie~ Coke

Vshan's coursemate, Jannah and the other also came

With Laling

Dhi, my adik

Vshan's bro, Dinesh

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mid Autumm Festival BBQ (3.10.2009)

This year I celebrated my Mid-Autumn Festival with my siblings and my cousins. We had a BBQ party at Piggy's condo. Of course, we prepared a lot of food and.. as usual I ate non-stop. Finish all the food, we started play the lantern until late night. After that my hometown friends came to joined us a while. Ssarawakian gathering..haha.

BBQ place. Rent for RM40

Chicken Wings Marinade by Moonkitty and MiSs PipO

"Ham", the Cockles


Squids, Not Fresh. Lembik~

Potatoes and Corns

Marinade Beef


Cheese HotDog




Start BBQ-ing

Done! Let's EAT!

Here the place we BBQ, located beside the swimming pool

Otak-otak not yet masak so Piggy get pissed off until the otak-otak get caught by fire. Hebat!

OMG! Otak-otak get burn! Help!

WuWuWu~ Hangus~

NVM~ Cam whore first

Colourful Lanterns

That's Us
From Left : Single Eyed Lid (Cousin), Moonkitty (Sister), Piggy (Sister), Ahdi (Brother), Golden (Cousin), PipO and Audrey (Cousin)

Jump Up High High To The Moon~ Yahuu~

Still budak~ main tanglung


Hometown Friends

Another one

Handsome Cousin, Golden

Funny Cousin, Single Eyed Lid

Eat the mooncake until like this..clap~haha

My cousin said I look so sexy in this pose~ malu I..haha.