Wednesday, September 29, 2010


妈妈终于到Kajang了。今天是第五天,真的感觉好幸福。而且幸福感觉会延续到十一月。今天悲剧却发生了。我跟我弟大吵架!事情是酱~我很烦了结果还要听他在念他的女朋友。好心叫他别大声说话,结果他还以为我骂他。他不停的狂骂我~心情被糟蹋了,终于轮到我发疯!狂丢东西,看到什么就踢!厕所门给我踢坏了。压力达到不行也崩溃了。还好妈赶紧拉我安抚我。那时的我仿佛的失控了。哭到~够力下。真的~ 现在的我好对不起我妈。想道歉却开不了口,死爱面子。她好不容来这陪我们却让她看见了这种事。没有用的我只会自造麻烦和负担。



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello World~

Hello everybody~ It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Well, student life especially when it comes to final year, one word- BUSY! Luckily I have only one midterm test this semester, not like other friends who have 3 or 4 subjects need to study. Oh ya~ now I'm having my mid break for 2 weeks, yeah! I'm not going back to hometown (Sarawak) but need, have, must stay at home doing my final year project. I need to start my video shooting which will spend a lot of time. So too bad and sad again when your holiday is not really a holiday. Anyway~my mama and dajie will come to KL soon, haha. This time mama will stay for more longer, 2 months! Happy happy.

Chubby PipO try to do mata juling

Finally~ after waiting for so long, Hebe..nonono~ now is Tien Fu Zhen (one of the Taiwanese pop group member, S.H.E) is released her first single debut album on 3/9/2010! She is my favourite in S.H.E since in their first album, "Lian Ren Wei Man". Of course I will support ori one.

Please support the ori if you Like, haha