Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HaNg MySelf

First of all, I gonna apologize to ALL my friends (ady knee down). Today afternoon after my Data Structure lab, because of my carelessly I forgot to take off my thumb drive from the PC. I don't mind if I lost it but.... haih, I more worried about the pictures inside it. Sorry ah~ sorry. I know sorry could not do anything. Things Happened. You Can Put The Blame On Me. Silent. Speechless. Forgive me.

PS: Uniten COIT Fellow, Please and I beg You Give back to Me if you saw thumb drive brand kingston, 4GB in BLACK COLOR.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me . Single Life

Yesterday, I went to Times Square to meet my friend from Sarawak. But kena "fong fei kei", she will a bit late, evening will just arrived there. Nvm then, I went Sg. Wang, go shopping. Shopping alone...erm, not bad too, I still can spend a lot..haha. I bought 2 shirts, eat my favourite korean foods, go visit DoMo and watching Chinese Acrobatic. Tired, leg pain ady. Is kinda weird shopping alone without my sisters together complaining and give opinion. No mood shopping for CNY yet because this year CNY will not prefect anymore without my grandma. I'm going back to Sarawak on 23th of January. Before that, I need to complete my midterm exam, huh. Gambateh. End, my single life.

Kimchi Soup,Restaurant Shin 6th Floor

Domo Slippers, :)

Times Square CNY Look

Sg. Wang CNY Look

Amoi Beijing Play "Che Ling"

Beijing Guy Do The Balancing With The Pot

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holiday . SARAWAK

Last semester holiday,... Some good some bad things happened. Papa transferred back to Sibu, grandma passed away, elder sister Amy get her new car, Grand Livina and etc. Yeah, CNY can sit new car lo, huhu~~ (nada tinggi). 2009~ hope everything going fine.

Going Home. In Love WiTh Lomography

Sibu, Night View

My Shortie, Cutie and Fatty Toes in New Bought Ipanema Slipper

My Little Bro, Ah Di

With Papa in Cinema

Madagascar 2

Sarikei House Look, Messy. Still Packing

Rode The Bike From Sarikei To Sibu. Start 9AM, Reached 9.55AM

With my Niece

Finished Dinner At 9PM But Supper Again At 10PM. Kueh Teow Tomato.

Teh Tarik

Baby Chair Made From Pipe, CooL~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Action City at The Garden Midvalley

I love be@rbrick. I always call them "bear bear". Be@rbrick Series 17 already out and I bought 5 boxes, one box RM 16.80 now. From that lucky pick, one box was sponsored by my sis, Annie. I only manage to get the Basic, Horror, 2 Animals and Artist. HuHu~ But what I want from this series are Pattern and Cute. Arrghh~ I mau I mau! >.<. I saw Be@rbrick Valentine 2009. I like it~~ I want order, estimated out on 2/2009. I want get it as my 7th single Valentine present, LoL. I start love DOMO too~ Comil~

Can I Take You Home?

1000% and 400% Be@rbrick

OMG~ Cute Cute Cute La~

Be@rbrick Valentine Twin Pack 2009