Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final Exam = Pening

Minyak Cap Kapak

Besides coffee, let me intro to you my best friend during exam week
Play the role of my "oxygen"
Thanks for being at my side for day and night
Tomorrow is my 1st day of final exam
Finish at 5 Nov 2008
Moral Project at 13 Nov 2008
Maybe going bek to Sarawak at 17 Nov 2008
OK, continue study

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cries In A Distance

Cries in a distance

Can't stop the tremble

I'm just awaiting my turn

Hiding will never save me forever

The guns gonna get me for sure

Dear God I pray why won't you be my friend

Come to me and take my hand

Like mama would say

Everything will be okay

All I hear is 3 2 1

The scream from the guns

And then 1 by 1

No one gets to run

Someone's dad or mom

Sister, brother and son

All I feel is 1 2 3

My tears start to bleed

Smell of roses on my feet

I feel sore...
I fall...
I call...
I crawl...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


SePeT piNg

Drawing by azreenChan
Edited by MiSS PipO

This drawing is in my Computer Organization notes.
My friend, Azreen drew it when we both RERI and VERY sleepy.
She is very talented girl with the weird attitudes. (like Picasso)
She will just disappear like that if she want too. (need space)
Nobody knew what she wants and what she thinking.
Very interesting and special girl.
Ejek I sepet cina but she dono that she is sepet jepun.
But she is a nice friend.
I really love this PIC, is me~ baby.
So I captured it and share to you all.
Thanks reen.. sayang u.. haha.

p/s: Come and visit her gallery and blog

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TaK MaU~ TaK Mau~

I always tell my friends that sometimes we need to tell LIE
But how come this time I'm being so HONEST ar?
Having a complicated feeling now...
I should just keep it deep deep deep in my heart...
HeHe...Guessing what is that right?
I'm telling something to someone
Until now I didn't know how someone thinks about that.
Am I waiting for someone reaction or answer?
Erm~ I better ask myself first, "WHAT DO YOU WANT, stupid PING?" LoL
Silent Mode again~~
I will just pretending there is nothing happen to me...

Yea~ tomorrow going Genting to watch concert from Hong Kong Singer, Justin. Going with my sister. Morning I will go to watch my buddies play football 1st, they got friendly match with the junior. Laling Vshan n Dhiya, dont lose ok?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A sMiLe GoNe aWaY


Is 4.30 AM and again I still with my eyes widely opened. (walaupun mata I sepet)
Having headache, fever and dizzy.
All this coming to me after I finished my Creative Thinking final paper.
Is not end yet, more tougher week is coming.. 5 final papers to go.

piNg~~ jia you

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is MidNighT

3.30 Am

I lay down to sleep
but FAIL
One hour passed
I still AWAKE
What make me so STRESS?
Am I THINK too much?
Am I WORRIED too much?
Erm, maybe I shouldn't telling something to someone.
Next time I must learn to keep it, I don't want someone know.

Tomorrow 15 October, I'll be having my flash presentation, Creative Thinking final exam and need to pass up the group presentation report too.
My flash project ......................... NO COMMENT. It just a very simple flash.
PRAYING and HOPING that the lecturer PLEASE don't asking so much question.
Not yet study for creative thinking... means TODAY I will be AWAKE for whole day again.
About Thursday, need to present Advanced Programming... pening.

Vshan is still doing his flash and I in standby mode to helping him. Pity him.
Erm~ seem I can't sleep, then better do revision now. Jarang I so rajin..

p/s : MiSS PipO in silent mode.. DON'T ASK WHY.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Sarikei, Hello Sibu

My House in Sarikei

Last week my mum called. She said papa will transfer back to Sibu, papa already received the confirmation letter, so confirm we will move back to Sibu. Although I was born in Sibu but Sarikei is the place where I grew up, from 7 years old untill 22 years old (1993-2008). My primary school, ST. ANNE, my secondary school, ST. ANTHONY, basketball court, Taman Susur Jambu, my yamcha place with my kaki teh tarik, small taman where I dating with my ex-bf... huh, so many places I will gonna miss tat all a lot. Luckily la my elder sister who is a teacher still teaching in Pakan, Sarikei. She rents the house in Sarikei so I can go back to Sarikei whenever I want. Sibu and Sarikei also not reli far la, only 45 minutes travel. Sarikei friends, do find me if you are coming to Sibu. I got a lot of relatives in Sibu, my aunts, uncle n cousins so I think is ok for us. I hope this holiday I can go back, I want help my mum packing. I suppose can go back on 6 NOV after final but so sad that I have Moral Project on 13 NOV... haih. Wanna discuss with my papa 1st. Next year, my CNY will be at Sibu, I waiting for my Family Reunion and my sister new car. Sorry to my any Sarikei friends if I tak sempat telling you people that I not in Sarikei anymore.

Friday, October 3, 2008

PictuRe Of tHe MontH

Gaya samseng duduk tepi jalan

A stress month for me
Final Exam On 29 October 2008
Before that, still have assignment for creative thinking and Advanced Programming
And a Flash Project presentation
That's why this picture was selected as Picture Of The Month
Because my face gonna be like this until finish my final
Muka Berkerut
You Don't Mess With Miss PipO!!
Wanna Die?