Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Sarikei, Hello Sibu

My House in Sarikei

Last week my mum called. She said papa will transfer back to Sibu, papa already received the confirmation letter, so confirm we will move back to Sibu. Although I was born in Sibu but Sarikei is the place where I grew up, from 7 years old untill 22 years old (1993-2008). My primary school, ST. ANNE, my secondary school, ST. ANTHONY, basketball court, Taman Susur Jambu, my yamcha place with my kaki teh tarik, small taman where I dating with my ex-bf... huh, so many places I will gonna miss tat all a lot. Luckily la my elder sister who is a teacher still teaching in Pakan, Sarikei. She rents the house in Sarikei so I can go back to Sarikei whenever I want. Sibu and Sarikei also not reli far la, only 45 minutes travel. Sarikei friends, do find me if you are coming to Sibu. I got a lot of relatives in Sibu, my aunts, uncle n cousins so I think is ok for us. I hope this holiday I can go back, I want help my mum packing. I suppose can go back on 6 NOV after final but so sad that I have Moral Project on 13 NOV... haih. Wanna discuss with my papa 1st. Next year, my CNY will be at Sibu, I waiting for my Family Reunion and my sister new car. Sorry to my any Sarikei friends if I tak sempat telling you people that I not in Sarikei anymore.

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