Sunday, November 29, 2009

Farmland Porridge Steamboat, Serdang (21.9.2009)

Raining raining raining~ make me feel wanna eat hot hot hot soup like tomyam or steambot. How if I want to eat both? Jom~ let's go to Farmland Porridge Steamboat @ Serdang, opposite the South City shopping complex. As usual the 3 chipmunks, Moonkitty, MiSs PipO and SusieGal went together. We don't want eat porridge, we want the soup only so we choose tomyam and chicken soup. Eating ah~ is the happiest thing in my life.

Farmland Porridge Steamboat Restaurant

Famous, magazines and newspaper news about Farmland

Inside the restaurant

Soya Sauce and chilies

Chinese Tea

This pot is for porridge, the waiter put the wrong pot for us

3 Chipmunks hunting for food

Moonkitty: The Prawn Is Mine!

SusieGal and MiSs PipO

Left: Chicken Soup
Right: Tomyam Soup

Farmland Steamboat Set, RM27.80

Side Order: Meat Balls

Enoki Mushroom

"Yau Mak"

Slim Slide Pig Pork

Liver pork

Put everything inside the soup and wait they boil!

Now you see, now you don't. Yummy~~

Kenari masuk bengkel. Moonkitty temporary use the si putih, si kancil

After that, we went to Tesco, Kajang bought some groceries.

Moonkitty: =.="' , Naughty Susie

Moonkitty: Wawawa~ spend too much!
MiSs PipO" Green Tea Pokka, my choice!

No B-G-09,
Block B, Perdana Selatan,
Taman Serdang Perdana. (Opposite South City Plaza)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nak Won, The Korean BBQ Restaurant

Wanna eat Korean Food? Let's go to Nak Won! So far Nak Won was the best Korean Food Restaurant that I ever had. Clean environment, good services and the most important is the food was ichiban! You can get most of the traditional Korean food at Nak Won, located at Ampang. My sisters and brother all love to eat Korean food. This time went to Nak Won because SusieGal promised to treat us when she received her first pay day. Hurray~ So here we are.. Aniohaseyo~~

Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

Menu Book

MiSs PipO, SusieGal (Taukenio of the night), Long Ge and Moonkitty

Inside the shop

Spoon, chopstick, plate and free flow plain water..haha

Smiling alone when thinking of the food..LoL

Side dishes and it's refillable. FOC

Using charcoal to BBQ

Main Dish, Pork Belly..slurpp~

Another main dish, marinated beef rib!! 5 stars!
The waiter will help to grill the meat.

Lai lai~ although I'm not a "real korean", but I learned how to eat the BBQ meat from Moonkitty.

Instead of meat only, we also need lettuce leaves. Must have vegetables too baru seimbang mah~

Paste, Chilies and miso sauce

1. Dipped the meat with sauce
2. Put the meat on the lettuce leave
3. Then, put miso paste on top
4. For those not afraid of garlic, you can add it at your meat

5. Wrap it according to your mouth's size

Last, open your mouth as wide as possible and enjoy the juicy meat.
[Note: Only allowed one bite, mean sumbat all into your mouth lo..haha]

Side dish, Steamed Egg,

Kimchi Soup with rice

Rice cake, Moonkitty highly recommended!


Roasted Barley Drink
[Warning: This is not for customer to wash the hand, it's a drink]

As usual, SusieGal started felt sleepy after eat and MiSs PipO, the slow eater still enjoying the food one by one

Finished! SusieGal pembazir tissues

Perut Kenyang Hati Gembira~

Newspaper in Korean Language and free sweets for customer

Nak Won TaukeNio. FYI, if you pay cash, they wont charge you the service tax.

Greedy customers..haha

Having Korean food wasn't enough so we ran to opposite Korean grocery shop to buy ice-cream! Those ice-creams were imported from Korea neh~

Moonkitty - Watermelon Flavor
MiSs PipO - Pamelo Flavor
SusieGal - Chocolate
Long Ge - Orange

Additional for myself, Kiwi Flavor

The watermelon ice-cream so cute

Everybody posing with their ice-cream

Is time to go back~
Thanks SusieGal for the treat.

A11-1-1, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Business Ave, Ampang Jaya,
68000 Ampang
Tel: 4253-4249

Homepage : Nak Won Korean BBQ