Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Karnival Sukan Masiswa 2009 (13-15.11.2009)

Finished exam at 6 November 2009. Then happy hour with course mates from 11 PM until 5 AM. Hibernation for that 2 days. Started Monday, all my friends in holiday mood but I still need to go to UNITEN for Uniten Netball Team training. I thought there is another Open Tournament but actually it was the Karnival Sukan Masiswa (Majlis Sukan IPTS Malaysia Zon Tengah Selangor) hosted by UNITEN. The game suppose to be held on September but was delayed due to H1N1 last time. Luckily I didn't bought the ticket to go back to my hometown, Sarawak. At first, the training schedules was a bit scary, 3 sessions! Morning 8AM, evening 5-6PM then night 8PM! But I knew this schedule will not go on exactly..hihi. Seperti biasa, morning training cancel then wait for evening. This time was indoor, yahoo~ No need worried will get sunburn but why so cold~ We gonna play at Dewan Seri Sarjana with air-con leh, hiak hiak. OK, first day training, 10 minutes running around netball court. Mau luput ah~ maybe long time didn't exercise. Tired memang tired la~ but cover bah..hihi. On the next day, every morning need go to stadium and run 4 rounds (400m x 4)! But still ok la, still manage to finish it although slow. Training so hard for 4 days (really? haha). Last year 1st runner up so this year they target champion o. Really getting older, muscles sakit sana sini. On 13 November 2009, the competition started lo. Going to play 5 matches in 2 days! Our first match met Segi, a tough match. Played 15 minutes at 1st half, Segi (4) and Uniten only (2). Nearly heart attack jor. Suddenly Sum as captain asked me substituted with Kak Asma. Wah~ never felt so scared plus I never played the Wing Defense (WD) position before. That time my mind only think let's fight back! Impossible 1st game we will lose jor. Preeett~ yeah! First Blood for Uniten! We managed won the game with 3 points leading. Double kill at evening game at 6PM with PolyTech-Mara. Entered quarter final met MasterSkills. My friend sempat made jokes said they were Master Kill, anyway Triple Kill by Uniten, haha. Reached monster kill when we won over Ling Kok Wing which all the players were international student leh. I very worried about that team because they never lost to any team yet. I asked Sum, Fathin, Ikmar..can we win? They said no problem that I felt more confident liao. That match really look like Malaysia versus Africa, hiak hiak. Yes! Finally reached final stage and again, met back Segi College. We all knew that the Segi won't not let us win easily. Most of my team mates were injured especially Sum, she's is Uniten backbone ah~ haha. 1st half end, Segi (10) and Uniten (11). I don't dare look at the scoreboard. Only pray hard no more mistakes and the time end quickly. Yahu~ Godlike Uniten! Uniten Netball Team is Beyond Godlike! Uniten (22) and Segi (15). Damn Happy! We are Champion Zon Tengah IPTS. My greatest netball match that I ever had. Thanks to Sum, Fathin, Ikmar, Nisha, Ann, Eton, Asma, Kak D and Kak Niza. Never forget Kak Ija as our coach. Berbaloi berhujan pergi balik training. Overall, UNITEN was the winner of Karnival Sukan Masiswa. MMU only one point behind us, fuh. I only can enjoy my holiday on 2nd week, wuwu. Sleep a week and now left 1 week! New sem coming, huhu.

Overall Result

Netball Result

Karnival Sukan Masiswa

The most beautiful medal I ever get

Shake hand after the match

The 2nd day, opening ceremony

The centre one is our coach

Netball Champion

Cheers, Salute and yam seng! Hi-Tea, Closing Ceremony

From left : Ann, (面包妹, C), Eton (WA) with her niece, Fariah, Sum (Captain), Nisha (GD), Kak D, Kak Niza, MiSs PipO (WD), Kak Ija (Coach), Kak Asma, Fathin (GS)

Pose with the champion cup

All Atlets

With our team manager

p/s: Thanks to UNITEN supporters and Izat as photographer..hehe.


MooNkitty said...

where is ur pic with skirt?? ada ah moi cina lagi cantik from u wor in ur team... hiak.. hiak..

lyana said...

hey babe..
congrats..ahha..u mmg hebat main whatever bola rite..hahaha..mish u damn futsal nnt ok.

MiSS_PipO said...

moonkitty, they don wan wear skirt la~ too sexy they said..huh. my to wear skirt play netbal tak tercapai. hiak hiak, amoi ipoh ur adik mana leh lawan.

yana~ thanks. hihi, miss u too. good luck in ur fyp o. bila nak main ajak aje i.

wan sein said...

the medal was so cool~
damn!its okay, myb next year.but hopefully da medal still da same in design.haha
congratz nway!!i'm one of the supporter cheer u all from above.