Monday, November 16, 2009

Dessert Snow Ice, 雪花冰 at Jaya Jusco, Balakong (29.8.2009)

Lalala~ is weekends, Moonkitty booked the movie tickets "UP" at noon so woke up early to JJ, Balakong to avoid jam and parking issue. We had a late breakfast + early lunch at Old Town while waiting for the time to entry the cinema. I never thought that the "UP" movie can be so touching, huhu. This movie remind me to learn appreciate everything. While we wanted to go back, suddenly we discovered a bakery shop but inside also has served the dessert. Forgot the shop's name but I knew it was located besides the Old Town. Each of us ordered the different flavour which are honeydew, chocolate and mango. The prices are affordable and reasonable by everyone.

Cam-whoring at Old Town

Break + Lunch at Old Town

Wearing Mask to Prevent H1N1

Wow~ dessert snow ice!

The shop's environment

Syok Sendiri


Honeydew, My Favourite

Chocolate Flavour for Moonkitty

Susie's Choice, Mango Flavour
Each snow ice, RM4.90

Still Hungry so I ordered Drummet, Hiak Hiak~

My Fatty hand and Fingers

Wah~ like never taste snow ice before.
Opss~ got leng chai passed by.
Oklah~ control cun, use spoon lo.

Jang jang jang jang~ eating snow ice competition begin between ME and Susie!

Game Start!

Obviously, I won the match..wahaha