Friday, July 17, 2009

Futsal With IDS BDM (24.6.2009)

On the last week at IDS, our Business Development Manager (BDM), Mr. Yew Huey Kang from KL Branch came to visit IDS, Kuching. As usual, our company having our weekly sport activities, Futsal at the Winner Court. Mr. Kang joining us for the game. This was my last game in Kuching because I'm going back to Sibu on 28th June :)

Group Photo

2 Big Men, Jason and Kang (190cm++)

MiSs PipO trying to clear the ball

MiSs PipO dribbling the ball

MiSs PipO trying to tackle the ball

You two get lost, I want get the ball

The Junk Restaurant & Zhen How Tea House (21.6.2009)

After farewell night, I continue eating again around the Kuching. This time is with my cousin, Audrey who's on holiday that time. She brought me to a very unique restaurant called The Junk which located at Wayang Street. The restaurant was decorated with antique items like clocks, pictures, rattan stuffs and etc. You can see French, Italian and Western food in menus. The dishes name was "fantasic" and I really don't have idea of what it is. At last I ordered fish and chip while Audrey ordered pasta. The food was great but not suggested for student to come always because the price was quite expensive for a student.

The Junk

Map to The Junk

MiSs PipO

My Cousin, Audrey. IMU student, future doctor

The restaurant's view

Here comes the food! I enjoy eating weh~

Our drinks

On the same day same night, Chin brought me again eat at Kuching town. This time no western but chinese food. At first he wanna brought me to Taman Kereta but only two of us so cancel the plan. Actually Taman Kereta is a place where eating seafood only. Both of us still full so we went to Kuching Open Market to have Sio Bee (Hokkien) and soya drinks. Apek Chin ni, ordered 10 Sio Bee! He really thought I'm a pig.. =.="' But at last I ate more Sio Bee (6 Sio Bee) than him..wahaha. The soya only just a normal soya drinks lo. Not enought of that, my third round dinner, we went to Padungan area and was thinking wanna having a chinese herbs tea to "cool down" due to the hot weather. So we went to Zhen Hao Healthy Food & Min Tea House. I really damn full liao and decided don't want to take any food, only want drink tea. I saw Chin ordered fish porridge and he saw my face look like very interested so he order one for me too. Wawawawa~ Understand why I'm getting chubby, huh. Finished eating, we went back. Reached home I straight sleeping. Wawawawa~ 6 hours only and I ate at 3 different places. What to do, I love eating..muahahaha.

Soya Bean, Sio Bee, Fish Porridge and Chinese Herbs Tea

Zhen How Healthy Food & Min Tea House with Tauke Nio

I got habit pouring a lot of soya sauce in any food. The black one is the porridge that I eat.. haha.

ADDRESS : The Junk Restaurant
80, Ground & 1st Floor,
Wayang Street,
93000 Kuching,

OPENING HOURS : 6.30pm - 12 midnight
Tuesday Off

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farewell #1 (20.6.2009)

3 months training at IDS, is time for the farewell. Actually it was Ah Ming's (Network Leader) farewell but they also don't forget about me who will end the training soon at 26th June too. So this farewell included me..hihi. The farewell was held at buffet steambot shop, somewhere at Pending, Kuching. That day really fun because is was hard for all the IDS workers to get together in the same time. Anyway, the steambot ..... not sooo "ho chiak". The Seri Kembangan steambot is the best liao. Finished farewell at 11.00 PM, we went for the second round again. We went The Tarot Cafe at 3 miles for drinks. The drinks were nice and the name of drinks also very interesting. While enjoying our drinks, we played games too until 1.00 AM. After that, with Chin, Lily, Albert and Reuben, we went for snooker. At 3.00 AM, very tired and sleepy liao, went back bath then sleep.


Ah Ming with his presents, Casio G-Shock and shirt

Farewell Boy and Girl

With Colleagues

With Colleagues at Tarot Cafe

Milk and Lime

Cappucino with wanila scoop, Cappucino and 7-UP Ribena

Mixed Fruit, Red Beans and Mango

Chin (centre) was been forced to drink all mixed drinks that we drink left..haha

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bowl~ Bowl~ Bowling~ (17.6.2009)

Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, is BOWLING time! IDS organized the bowling just for me! Ya~ a bit touch~ing ni. Actually is my last 2 week at IDS so they did this for me. Maybe they also want play la..haha. The game is at 8.00 PM but I came a bit late with Sim at Crystal Bowl, Kuching. About 16 people came for the game so we had to get 4 lanes. Which of us divided to four group. That night I didn't performed well like I did at Alamanda, Putrajaya. We played for 3 hours. The games all end at 11.00 plus. Went back with smile because the game was really fun. Thanks IDS for the games.

MiSs PipO

Crystal Bowl

Top : Albert and Roland
Bottom : Chin and Wilson

Top: Derek and Pin2
Bottom : Wynie and Nisa
Bowling Balls

Wynie, Jia Yan and Sim

My Elephant Leg

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tougher Than Mount Kinabalu (13.6.2009)

Wah Wah Wah~ I never been to Mount Santubong although I'm Sarawakian but this 3 month Industrial training at Kuching, I got opportunity to climb the Mount Santubong with my colleagues, Lily, Wynie, Robin, Thien and Jason. Woke up at 6.45 AM, get ready with the stuffs like mineral water, extra shirt and some buns. At 7.15 AM, Thien and Robin came to fetch me and met the other at Thompson Corner. We have a light breakfast at there before we start our journey. We reached Santubong at 8.00 AM and parked our car at Bukit Putri. After changed the shoes and Thien as our leader, we started hiking. The weather was just fine for hiking. At first I was so energetic because I was really excited. It was my first hiking experience too. After 10 minutes I started sweating like I just took a bath. My both legs was so sore neh~ Getting old. T___T First 45 minutes, the path was okay and easy, just walked as normal. BUT~~~ nyaris pengsan when I saw the ascending and decending paths plus the hanging stair, MANY! I phobia of high la. Haha, but because want jaga air muka, I braved myself. Never thought the Mount Santubong was so difficult to climb. Robin said even Mount Kinabalu is easier to climb than Mount Santubong. I don't want to rest so many times so Robin and I continued climb. The other Thien will guide them. Very tiring but I don't want to give up. There was a staircase which was 2 storey high! No fear! I want climb to the SUMMIT!! Yeah! My record to reached the summit was 3 hours and 20 minutes. Not bad for the first time climber, hihi. Tapi dah separuh nyawa ni~ Before reached the summit, I bang my head into the big rock and it cause my head bleeding. Therefore, PLEASE always look into the front and beware of those rocks, haha. Ate some buns and enjoying the beautiful view while waiting the other come. Yahu~ I saw a monkey at the summit there. I like monkey! At the summit, you can see a nice view (beach) if the weather clear. Take a deep rest and photography session begin. At 1 PM, we started to climbed down. My leg was so "heavy" to walk. I want quickly went down and sleep. =.= Again, Robin and I walked down first. It took shorter time to reach at kaki bukit. It took 2 hours and half. I'm so tired and the leg was sososososo sore. I threw my bag on the ground and I started sleeping..haha. I managed slept for half an hour before Thien and other reached at 4 PM. Althought it was so tiring and tough but I've enjoy it so much. After conquered the Mount Santubong, it will be easier for me to conquer the Mount Kinabalu in future next time.

Puteri Santubong~ Puteri Sejinjang~ Penjaga Gunung Negeri Sarawak~

Thien, Santubong "Regular Customer"

Sunlight, Rich of Vitamin D

My whole shirt was wet

Quater High View

The Board

You Are at 1960m high

The ascending path

The Map

Everybody was tired

Again, ascending path with big rocks

2 storey high staircase... =.="'

Opss~~ My butt. ( If people with the shorter legs, he/she will faces difficulty to climb this staircases because the gaps between the stair quite far..haha)

WoW~ 2920m high

At summit. Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~ Lily wanna pengsan liao.

Thien still steady.. still can eat happily.

Group photo

Wah~ nice view~

IDS Colleagues

Proud to be here

Paku pakis

Unknown plant

View at kaki bukit there

Another view