Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bowl~ Bowl~ Bowling~ (17.6.2009)

Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, is BOWLING time! IDS organized the bowling just for me! Ya~ a bit touch~ing ni. Actually is my last 2 week at IDS so they did this for me. Maybe they also want play la..haha. The game is at 8.00 PM but I came a bit late with Sim at Crystal Bowl, Kuching. About 16 people came for the game so we had to get 4 lanes. Which of us divided to four group. That night I didn't performed well like I did at Alamanda, Putrajaya. We played for 3 hours. The games all end at 11.00 plus. Went back with smile because the game was really fun. Thanks IDS for the games.

MiSs PipO

Crystal Bowl

Top : Albert and Roland
Bottom : Chin and Wilson

Top: Derek and Pin2
Bottom : Wynie and Nisa
Bowling Balls

Wynie, Jia Yan and Sim

My Elephant Leg

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