Thursday, December 2, 2010

Childhood's Memory

Don't know why when I was in primary school, I willing to save all my pocket money just because of this blind box with nonsense toy inside..haha. Still remember mama everyday gave me 50 cent only (dah banyak lah zaman tu). The blue box is Ding Dang and the white box is Tora. Both of them are RM0.50 per box and RM0.80 per box last 17 years ago. Damn, now the price is double up, man~ Only the kid full of curiosity like me will buy this "fun" boxes. Until now, I still very attracted to blind box. Yup, correct! Is the be@rbrick Series. Besides the toys, the box included a packet of chocolate biscuit balls. The taste? Taste bad..haha, I don't like eat sweet things. After so many years, I bought these boxes again. Still curious what are the toys they will put inside the boxes. Cis, buruk buruk buruk! Give back my money! Haha, anyway~ it was fun after almost 20 years, I bought it and feel so excited to open and recall back my unwise action why wanna spend on such thing, LoL. Saja~ sokong barangan buatan Malaysia...wahaha.

Just For Fun

The Tora with the toy and choco balls
(No idea what is it. Only know can be a keychain)

The Tora with the toy and choco balls
(At first I thought that is condom..ade terkejut lah..haha. Ingat advanced betul mainan sekarang)

Latest MiSs PipO with her longest hair this year
(Taken on 28.11.2010)