Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mid Autumm Small World @ Leisure Mall

With Moonkitty, I went to Maxis centre at near the Leisure to collect my new Maxis SIM card due I lost my hp last time. After that we decided went to Leisure Mall since its still early to go back to Kajang. Whole Leisure Mall was full of Mooncake Festival mood. We saw a interesting event at the ground floor concourse. It was mid autumn small world fantasy that show the craftsmanship and also the beautiful lantern. We were having fun at there by taking the photos. Semua gambar MiSs PipO yang tak betul..haha.

With Lady Bird

Zhong Qiu Kuai Le

Bleuk~Imitating iguana

Then, Hak~Imitating..what's that? :p

Scissor~ Stone~ Cloth~ You Lose!

Pump it~ pump it~ Pumpkin

Praying Mantis VS Kung Fu piNg

Aaahhh~ Mana Lalat?

piNg piNg in Wonderland

Normal a bit


OkOk~ Puas Main. Lunch Time @ Wong KoK

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