Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm be@rbrick collector

Anonymous: What's that?
Me: be@rbrick
Anonymous: For what?
Me: (still smiling~) Just a collection
Anonymous: So~ can eat ah? hahahaha~
Me: (started fed up~) That's my hobby, toy collector especially be@rbrick
Anonymous: Cute meh? So ugly and expensive~
Me: (Fxxx Off!) At least cuter than you and they don't talk shit like you....(I'm hot temper person)

Saw this creatures when I'm watching Taiwanese variety show. The host, Huang Zhi Jiao that time introduced his bearbrick collection. Fall in love with them and I want collect it too. Innocent me thought they are just cheap toy but I'm totally WRONG. Bought my first bearbrick for RM12.90 at Midvalley. Lucky me picked artist series 11 from the blind box. My love for them become deeper and deeper~ Yeah, I have been poisoned badly. Current price per box is RM19.80 if don't have promotion @ Action City. Not all I bought from blind box but some of them bought online or separately from Urban Tee @ Sunway Pyramid. Maybe my cute definition is slight different from other. :) I'm not super fanatic about it because I still in rational stage. Need spend wisely since I have to save money for other expenses. Now, I'm searching for the old series.

P/s: One of my boyfriend's requirement is must know what is be@rbrick. :D

My be@rbrick collection from 2007 to present

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