Monday, April 12, 2010

One Day Trip to Malacca - Satay Celup @ Ban Lee Siang

Datang ke Melaka mana boleh tak rasa sate celupnya. Let's come to Ban Lee Siang, one of the oldest and most original satay celup restaurant. What the different between Lok Lok, Steamboat and Satay Celup? Lok Lok is dipping the raw food into the hot water; Steamboat is put all the raw food into the hot soup either is chicken soup or tom yam soup; Satay Celup is dipping the raw foods into the hot peanut sauce. We reached early at 5.30pm so the sauce is fresh from the kitchen. After eating the Satay Celup, make sure that drinks a lot of plain water to avoid get sore throat. Err~ there is something I wanna share la, the peanut sauce maybe is the recycle one..wakaka. If you are hygienic person, DON"T EAT. Okay? If want eat, don't think too much. Makan saja masuk mulut and telan. But my mama told me, eat a little dirty food then you can grow more healthy, can build antibiotic in body.. XD

Restaurant Ban Lee Siang

The peanut sauce

Hungry Amy's expression.
In Computer Animation that I've learned, this is called exaggeration

Cute glass, so small

Ambik sajalah apa lu mau.
Take what you want to eat. No need think..haha.

Err~ sikitnya?

Main taram aje.
Wait the food is cook

Cockles (Ham)

Quail Egg

Tofu skin

Meat Ball

PigPork ear

"Jiu Hu", octopus

Century Egg


Liver (pig)



Fuiyo~ Yummy

Satay Celup : RM050
Red Stick : RM0.60

Restauran Ban Lee Siang
45E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee
75300 Melaka

5.30pm - 12.30am
Closed on Tuesday


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