Monday, April 5, 2010

One Day Trip to Malacca - The Jonker Street & Jonker Dessert

After ate chicken rice ball and cendol, we walked along Jonker Walk, also known as Jonker Street. Jonker Street is a "must-go" place in Malacca. For those who want to discover Malacca in interesting and interactive way, it is highly recommended for you to visit here. Macam-macam ade at there especially FOOD, antique, wood handcraft, clothes and various souvenirs. Don't forget to have a look at the unique building architectures where each of them have their own history. We have our second cendol at "Jonker Dessert". As usual long queue too. The different of this cendol is, it added some fruit inside the cendol.

The Jonker Walk

Moonkitty asked me to jump. =.=''

Wa si Hokkien Lang

Tukang Jahit "Kong'..haha

Erm? Moonkitty figure out something special~

Ohh~ Abang China tengah main plastisin.

Clap~ Hebatnya~ The characters of "Journey to the West"

Jonker Dessert, famous cendol

The Cendol Stall

Tauke nio~ senyumlah sikit

Wah~ here it is!

Empuknya ice macam Snow Ice

See? Mango inside

Haha, my siblings

Ji lang ji pua, kam cheng be sua - Hokkien

Ahhh~ Itadakimasu~

Why I look like drinking the hot soup? Haha

How it taste then you should look at my face.

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