Saturday, September 19, 2009

IPTS Netball Open at USIM (25-26.7.2009)

Finished futsal I continue with the netball. Sorry to my futsal team, Kickballer because I couldn't attend the closing ceremony. The netball match clash with the date. Even the training I need to went "selang-seli" day. Sometimes 5-7PM train for futsal, 8.30-10PM for netball in the same day. Tak larat dah so I kena take turn pergi training ni. Anyway, the result was not bad, we managed reached the quarter final from 30 team if not mistaken la. As usual, I as the attacker, the center or wing attack. Again, sunburn. Forgot who said that is the indoor game. Pui~ Luckily the weather was cloudy. Really enjoy the game, like what I did during my secondary school.


Finished the first match

Group Photo before the match

Gimme The Ball!
Huh, why my ass look so big in this picture?

Stupiak Look PipO

My Coach Not satisfied with the result. We should get more than that.

Sum, The Captain

During the second day. Again, Ngoky PipO

Kak Jah Coming. Suppose to play but injured during the training

National and Bukit Jalil Player, damn tall!

The Match

Sum injured her shoulder

Itu dia, Ping took the center ball

Angry face by PipO, wanna hit people liao. But I'm Discipline Player

Match Finished. Shake hands

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