Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wiber Pan (潘玮柏), Meet Fans In New Era (6.8.2009)

Wilber Pan (潘玮柏), the Taiwanes singer came to Malaysia to promote his latest album, 007(零零七). He came to my bro college, New Era, Kajang. My brother knew Moonkitty is Wilber Pan fan so he gets the ticket for us. My bro told us the the event is at 7PM but actually is 8PM. Nearly wanna cekik him liao. He donno I "rempit" my kapchai until maximum speed with Moonkitty at my back. Fuh, but never mind, 3 of us take a drinks at the canteen before entering the auditorium hall. Finally Wilber showed up at 9 something and started singing. Wilber hurt his finger so the show ended with shake hand and the signature was replaced by a small sticker stick at front album cover.

Enjoy The Slides (10)

Wilber Pan

piNg and Moonkitty

Selling the CD's

YCGallery's Nikon Camera, T300

As Usual, Cam-whore

My Bro, Ade

Ade and Moonkitty

The Emcee, Wei Kang. My FM DJ

Wilber's dancer

My Butt with Wilber

Finished the show we went up to Hur Kee for the dinner. We are regular customers of this restaurant. Located at Sg. Chua.

"Kam Kat", air asam

Recommended, "Tie Ban Tau Foo"

"Ma Mi Pai Gu"


Usus Pig Pork, haha.

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MooNkitty said...

Not longer Wilber die hard fan after he hold Alisa's hand ... cingkak...cingkak