Sunday, August 10, 2008


28th of July 2008, Monday I skipped Moral Studies class.
I went to CHELSEA Training Session at Stadium Shah Alam.
First, SORRY to say that I'm NOT CHELSEA fan! LoL.
Second, I'm red devil fan, MANCHESTER UNITED! YeaH~
So maybe you people think for what I still went for it?
Suka-suka aje..haha. My sister, Annie has the PASS to watch them training.
So for what reason that I should not go? haha.
The famous football club came, CHELSEA with famous footballer like Michael Ballack, Frank Lampard, John Terry etc.
Just want to feel the atmosphere of WORLD CLASS FOOTBALL.
I used Putra Line and my sis pick me at Bukit Jalil Station, she just off work from at ASTRO.
Together with her colleagues we went to stadium.
The training started at 6.30 pm. Many Chelsea fans already waiting in the stadium.
I forgot to bring my spectacles =.="' Only can see tiny players like ants running here and there.
But I still managed recognized Micheal Ballack (Midfield) and Petr Cech (Goalkeeper).
The training finished at 9 something, we went for dinner and send my cousin back.
A bit tired but happy too. Never has a experience like this before.
Special thanks to my sister, Annie for bringing me to watch the training session.
The result Malaysia versus Chelsea was 0-2 (Scorer : Nicolas Anelka and Ashley Joe)

The Training Pass

Stadium Shah Alam

The View Of The Stadium

Malaysia vs Chelsea

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Chelsea Players On Training

Petr Cech, The Goalkeeper

MiSS PipO in Da Stadium

Sepet Pose

Chelsea Fan Want KICK me for booing Chelsea.. LoL

Ah Xian (Cousin), piNg, Annie

Xian, piNg, Foo and Ryan

With Ryan



vshanu said...

woi..angkat gambar chelsea la...angkat gambar u buat ape...hahahaha...

vshanu said...

saje je..just kidding u knw.walaupun buat u terasa...wakakakaka

miSS_PipO said...

cheh, i bukannya peminat chelsea. i pun tak nampak mrk ngan jelas gara gara tak bawa spec..haha.. i ada rabun mlm. cameraman not me n camera not tat power like reen de

whn922 said...

Apasal tak ramai orang aaa...huhu...

miSS_PipO said...

tu training aje, mesti ada pass khas baru dpt masuk, bukan semua org ade.