Friday, August 1, 2008

I aM MiSS PipO!!!

Apa tu?
What's that?
Shen me yi shi?
Ha Mi Ming Kia?

Well~ many people asking me, what and why I using MiSS PipO?

This story has to look back 5 years ago when I was 17 years old, I having a basketball training at Bintangor, Sarawak. That time trained basketball inter school division competition which was held at Bintangor too. I stayed at my friend, Jing Jing's house. One day after training, I, Jing Jing and Hui Chu, three of us were walking to have lunch. Suddenly there was a guy, using kapchai (old motorcycles) kept looking at us.. he can ride the motorcycles without looking in front but still can ride it steadily (Amazing~). Then we started to "kacau" each others.. said tat guy was ur hubby la.. he looking at you la.. and so on. So, how this connected to PipO? Now only important part coming~ the guy's face was fully fill with pimples! Hui Chu create a new "password" for the word pimples. From that day, pimples became PIPO. The next day training, we saw the guy again. Almost everyday, no matter day or night we sure will saw the pimple's guy. As usual we started teasing each others. PIPO became our favourite word.

Last 2 years, I was trying finding a contact number at my sister's hp. I saw a name with "Miss Pipo". I'm so curious and asked her who is Miss Pipo. Then I found out is me because the number showing my hp number.. =.="' I remembered last time my friends like to call me pipo. I asked my sister why put my name as Miss Pipo, I thought she know the story about pipo too. She said she only simply put it.. LoL. But suddenly I got an idea.. I want "MISS PIPO" to be my trademark. That's why you can see I put Miss Pipo at my picture, even my Blog also using it. Plus my last name is PING, 1st two letters are "PI"...haha. That's all about how MISS PIPO was "born".

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