Thursday, July 31, 2008

MiSS PipO's "SpeCiaL" ToNguE

My tongue is so "special"...
Too "special" until every single word that come out from my mouth, my friends will laugh happily...
I have serious problem with my "R" too...
My tongue too "curly" for that... Example : Root Beer = R~~~oot Beer
Dono why... That's why i HATE pre~~sentation!!
If i read properly, the shape of my mouth will be so funny... like too over jor... I see it oso "menyampah"..LoL
Another problem is "S"... more critical.. haih
So I lazy to speak.. LoL
If speak oso with the mouth "close close de"... like Jay Chou..haha

Reen (Si Domo), Kavitha, Raj... always "ejek" me... wuwuwu~~ :"[

These are my "ENEMIES"

Jannah = Zannah
Zaidah = Jaidah
Raj = Rach
Zoo = Ju
Company = Kompani
Balcony = Bakoni
Mariah Carey = Maria Kari
Shoes = Shu
Issues = Isu


azreenChan said...

thats why la u r so special.. :D
the way u pronounce it is naively unique.

miSS_PipO said...

haha.. thanks lo si domo