Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GoiNg HoMe Part 4

Amy = Eldest Sister
Winnie = 3RD Sister
MiSS PipO = Me

Amy, Winnie n MiSS PipO

21 of June 2008

My 3RD sister, Winnie suddenly came back from Kuching on 20 June
She was doing her KPLI at Maktab Batu Lintang
She saja mau balik because that time i cun cun holiday
We decided to have fun at Sibu, my hometown
Having the breakfast at Sarikei 1st, then 10.40 AM directly went to Sibu after that.
Reached Sibu at 12.00 PM
1st destination was Cosway, taking Amy's ordered stuff
Next destination, Delta Mall. New shopping complex at Sibu. But nothing special about it.
At Delta Mall, i bought DVD-R.. only RM 28 for 50 pieces.. damn cheap
Ate Sushi, RM 10 for 4 packets, drink milk shake.. i drink Honeydew flavor, my favourite.
Go back Sibu's house at 3.00 PM. Rest a while at home
(actually got picture of sushi n milk shake but deleted jor when i reformated my com)
3.30 PM went to Parkson, Wisma Sanyan
5.30 PM go back to house again. Watering the plants. Locked all the windows n doors.
5.45 PM Delta Mall again because Amy wanna buy printer.
6.20 PM Hungry. Dinner at Sweet Family Seafood. RM 26.30~~ Cheap cheap dinner compare to KL. 3 nasi putih + 3 limau ais + Soup + Fish Chip + Vegetables
7.00 PM went back to Sarikei and reached at 8.30 PM.
I terus continued followed my kaki yamcha, Siew Wei, Mee Ing n Su Hee go Kampung Seberang
Then join by Andrew, Bak Ngie and Corrine.
11.30 PM watched One Million Star season 2.
zzZZzzz at 1.00 AM

Driver = Amy
Assistance driver = Winnie
BoSS = MiSS PipO

Delta Mall


Wisma Sanyan

Well Done, got 1901 in Sibu

Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya, Rakyat Sibu

Sweet Family Seafood

CNY Feel

Fish Chip Sweet n Sour (Yu Pian)

Kailan (Xiao Jie Lan)

Cucumber Soup (Hai Som Deng)

Rice (Fan)

Limau Ais

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