Thursday, July 17, 2008

GoiNg HoMe (END)

Well, in conclusion my last sem 2 weeks holiday FULL of :

1) Yamcha with my friends
2) Go for breakfast with friends again
3) Driver of my mama
4) Tuition teacher (Helping my sister)
5) Basketball (3 on 3)
6) Coaching basketball (Helping my coach)

Next holiday is on November but i will only be back to Sarawak again on CNY due to air ticket is too expensive and only got short holidays.

Join 3 on 3 Basketball organized by Chinese Youth Society.

MiSS PipO, Champion of Shooting Competition.

The tallest trophy I ever had, always get the medal only.

At my secondary school, SMK St Anthony. Helping my teacher and my duty was
referee for the 3 on 3 games besides enjoying watching handsome boys..LOL

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