Sunday, August 3, 2008


At last, I got the chance to feel a bit UNI life in UNITEN. Almost 2 years in UNITEN I didn't join any club or society. Maybe because i'm the November intake student in UNITEN. Less activities were held on that time. Plus i'm foundation student.. a lot of assignment, quiz and homeworks. Really don't have extra time for others activities. But this year 2008 on my 1st year degree last semester, I decided to enter some societies and clubs. So I joined Chinese Culture Society, Badminton and Netball. WHY I choose Chinese Society? Of course wanna getting know some leng zai mah~ haha.. jk nia.. but that one of the reason la..LoL. Since I was in UNITEN, be honest... I really don't have much chinese gang.. in my class, i'm the only chinese girl. in my course. The most pretty, ugly, fat, slim all is me.. seriously. Chinese guys leh? Only got one too.. =.=" , Mr. Ng lo. Another chinese friend is Ting Ting from Kelantan.

For Netball, I joined because of my friend, Rachi. She ask me to accompany her but for main reason, I WANT TO KEEP FIT!! I'm getting FATTER! Every Tuesday and Wednesday have training. Although i'm not a great player buy I really hope that UNITEN Netball team will join MASUM.. my tangan "gatal" liao. UNITEN don't has Basketball team.. so sad.. damn it!!

Back to Chinese Society, last month on 18th to 20th I have FRESHIE CAMP 2008. The camp was not bad, quite fun. I so proud that i'm the oldest participant in the camp..LoL. Even the president of the society was born in 1987, apuu~~ Other participants all were in year 1990.. apu e nai~~ Time is CRUEL! I started felt that i'm so old.. luckily I still manage to stay "connected" with them. Have to act young la..haha. We played a lot of games and I really enjoyed it. But I have to admit that I'M OLD! Don't have stamina to fight with youngsters and east to get tired.

Hope there will be more activities coming in future in my UNI LIFE.


Group Photo

With Angel, My Angel is Rong Kun

My Team Get The Best Cooperation Team

Our Prize

My Freshie, Ah Jun n Ah Loke.

Group Photo After Won The Game

With Freshies

Guide My Partner

Taman Tasik Pemaisuri, Cheras

My Team Flag, Fei Zai Lok

Group Three

Treasure Hunt's Map

MiSS PipO In Action

Treat From Freshie

Macho Men with their Horses


Anonymous said...

wah...nonid promote president of Chinese cultural society is 1987 wor...regret to tell u tat >.< worries, v will feel 'young' wen mix wit youngsters =)
gud luck in ur studies...

miSS_PipO said...

opss... haha, den i noe who r u liao. ren lao xin bu lao.. u too.