Sunday, July 25, 2010

After 3 Weeks Of My Final Semester

Finally~ is my final year and also my final semester. My friends and I gonna busy like an ant doing own FYP + assignments + projects + tests. No more hang out, maybe seldom mamak-ing or even no time to meet each other. Soon, we will separate to other places, working far away or getting married. Another around 12 weeks for us to enjoy the uni life before we all will have own life later. I knew my papa read my blog, so sweet~ Hurm, just wanna update for him what I'm doing recently in UNITEN. 1st week was World Cup fever. On the 2nd week, I joined netball team for Karnival Sukan 1 Malaysia UiTM and get 4th place from 8 teams, of course sunburn too. So surprisingly, your daughter was a dean's list for last semester and was her 1st time received this kind of honor after 3 years in UNITEN, LoL! Yeah~ received a certificate from Dr. Abdul Rahim as Deputy Dean (Student Affairs) of COIT. Congratulation also to my friends. This week went to movie with friends but a lot of problems happened. It's ok~ no more event like this in future. That's all. Tata~

Posing at UNITEN main entrance while waiting for other members to watch World Cup

Received the certificate from Dr. Abdul Rahim
( Face like~ too touching neh~ )

With my friends, happy happy~

In front that 3 persons are just like a new group singer, haha~ stylo-milo. The blur face is Azmi

UNITEN Netball Team

Jump for Victory
( But I still on ground, :'[ )

Pose with the sunburn faces, love you girls

Movie Day with friends, Vshan Laling

190cm vs 160cm

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Vshanu said...

i always wana be with you as a good friend..a bit more than that "LALING" imposible i lost touch wif you...lub u..ummmaahh