Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mama & Winnie, Happy Mother's Day too

Yippe, after a week at Hong Kong, now I spend my holiday at Sarawak. My new semester will be start on 5th July only. So this is my first time I have my long long holiday since my 3 years at university. 29th April reached KL from Hong Kong then 30th April morning I reached Sarawak. Really a marathon flight trip..super duper tired neh~ Never mind, now I have a lot of time to relax and thinking the idea of project 2. Of course I will not abandon my blog, I still a lot of things want to share will you all especially my Hong Kong trip. Well, the day I reached Sarawak was my 3rd sister, Winnie's birthday. We had a simple celebration and mama cooked mee sua, "long life mee". At night, we sista went out to have a drinks. The day after Winnie's birthday, we helped our mama to celebrate her advanced birthday too. We had dinner at night and we ordered a cute cake for her. I can saw that my mum very happy but do you know what is her birthday wish? She want her daughters fast fast get married..wakaka. So Annie or Winnie, got it? Absolutely not me, I still too young, ok? LoL. Anyway, I really hope that our family will happy and stay healthy always. No matter rich or poor, make sure we all are together always. We are one family. Everything we share, we care and learn to appreciate every moment we have. Love you guys, my family.

Birthday girl, 30th April. I'm a bit dark after the Hong Kong trip.

Winnie's birthday cake. Monokuro Boo

Ok, I'm FAT

I'm trying to display Winnie's age, LoL

Hish~ mama manja-ing with me

Cute, right? My mama's face. But also look like me, LoL

My mama request want to wear the spec too before take the picture

5th May
Happy Birthday & Mother's Day too.

Mama with her princesses

Kong's Family.
Kurang satu, adik at Kajang

Annie pesan that I must cook mee sua for mama.

My mama helped me to take the photo as evidence..LoL.
Saya ada masak ya, Moonkitty


My elder sister at Sarikei so the drumstick milik saya.

My mama so cute here
Ignore my "indo-maid" face


WiNniE 凤的故事 said...

haha....bagus....but the holidays were too short for me and ah ing...hope next time all can go back together again...^^

MooNkitty said...

we can always go back anytime. Everyone can fly haha!!

MiSS_PipO said...

haha..wrong. is got money then everyone baru dpt fly

Amy Kong said...

Really a sweet family...home sweet home, rite?