Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good News

Baring-baring happy

Good news. After twice receiving treatments from physician at Sibu, I guess my right ankle was fully recovered. Anyway, my right ankle looks different from my left ankle. Dah lari alignment kot although the physician turning my ankle left, right, up and down until my papa can heard the "crunchy" sound from my ankle. Now I want back on track to make myself fit since I put on weight so much during these holiday. By the way, I will continue enjoying eating too..LoL.

Finally I can jump like Yao Ming
Finally I can kick like David Beckham
Finally I can run like Usain Bolt
I want play basketball.

1 comment:

Amy Kong said...

Congratulations...i know u r like monkey...like to jump...u r like leopard...like to run...go go go ale ale ale!!!