Monday, May 17, 2010

Continue Happy Happy Tiger Year

1. On the second day of CNY, it was my 24th birthday too. Very excited because is my 24th plus tiger is my Chinese zodiac year. But it's end up with a bit disappointed because my family members forgot my birthday. Shocked when my brother is the first person who wish me that. First sms was from Vicky Ngieng, my bestie sister. Anyway, thanks for those who sms, call or wish me face to face. Birthday falls on CNY is not a good things.
2. My parent prepared steambot to treat the relatives. Mostly my presents were angpows or in other meaning, CASH.
3. Gambling is a compulsory activity during the CNY and I won RM8.00 after gambling for a week, wakaka.
4. Went to Sarikei on the third day. Met up friends. Too rush so couldn't visit all the friends. Visiting my basketball coach and senior players at his new house.
5. Back to Sibu the next day. Relatives continue came visiting. All the nephews and nieces was so cute. This year no much hanging out, friends getting lesser and I getting older~

Fried Mee and Baked Salmon


Gambling for fun

At my coach's house, Sarikei.

With the senior players

My Handsome Coach, Ah Wah

His Cute Daughter

My Best Friends, Ah Hee & Susie

The F4.
One missing out, Ah Siew

At Ah Siew's House

Miss you all

The youngest F4 members, Ah Siew and also the future dentist.
GiGi I ada harapan lo~

The F4.
This time Ah Hee missing. She already went back to Kuching.

Vicky Ngieng, my lao mei

A short meeting with Gek Gek, friend from Miri. Came back for CNY holiday too

Back to Sibu, the famous kampua and kompia.

Cute nephews and niece


Haha, he want to be rocker!

I'm shy~

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