Friday, August 21, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival (4.7.2009)

I hate crowded places but I went to Borneo Cultural Festival too because of my mum. My mum joined the marching for Chiang Chuan Association. Sharp 5.30PM, Amy and I reached at Sibu Town Square and started looking for my mum. Wow~ the most attract me at there was the FOOD! Because this event is about cultural, so macam-macam food at every booth. My mum was with my aunt at Teow Chew booth. My aunt sell the "ba chang", the Chinese dumpling. Amy and I walked around the Sibu Town Square hunting for the food. Piu~ the weather damn hot plus crowded with people. The first event was Hakka Singing Competition. Funny weh~ although I'm Hakka but also the first time heard the Hakka songs. The marching not yet started so my sister suggest we hide in Wisma Sanyan. Haha, again~ KFC as dinner. Finished ate, we back to Sibu Town Square, the marching began lo. We missed out my mum marching..aduh. We quickly ran to find my mum. Luckily still manage to see mama swinging her fan happily. Straight marching end, mama called us and we go met her. Three of us quickly walked to the parking because we don't want to stuck in the jam later. Pity mama, not even eat yet. Without wasting any time, we blah balik rumah lo. The next day, I'm need to go back to KL lo..huhu

Borneo Cultural Festival

MiSs PipO

My Aunt and cousin

Mama and Aunt

Mama pun slimmer than me~ huhu

Lai Lai~ Ba chang~

Amy and Mama

Amy and Aunt

MaMa : Yeah~


Sibu trademark : Swan
Wisma Sanyan : Shopping place

Lion and Dragon Dance

Another Lion Dance

Hokkien and Hakka Car Decoration

This tall-tall people better don't show up at night, "gia gia~"


"Ba gua", daging salai; BBQ Chicken etc

Yong Tau Fu? Lok Lok?

"Ang gu"

KFC again~ :D


MooNkitty said...

Hahaha... mama look cute in pinky shirt...

MiSS_PipO said...

mmg pun.. ngan kipas jua