Sunday, August 30, 2009

Black Canyon, Alamanda Putrajaya (12.7.2009)

This time, thanks to Moonkitty and Riverbird to bring us to Black Canyon for dinner. I wanted to have some "high class" coffee drink after I watched the Coffee Prince (Korean Drama). Overall, the foods and drinks were nice. But Moonkitty said she prefer Black Canyon at Bangkok Thanks to Moonkitty again to make my wish come true.

Black Canyon, Alamanda Putrajaya

Inside Black Canyon

Moonkitty and Riverbird

Susie and Ping

Long Ge

Yeah~ my Cappuccino. I requested to "add" LOVE on it. The arts of Coffee, cool~

Cappuccino from Black Canyon, Bangkok. More prefect~

"P" for PING

Just Wake Up Face

"The best coffe is as..." as the devil... like hell...
...pure like angel...
...sweet as love!!..

Green Curry

Udon in Spicy Prawn Tom Yum Soup

Teriyaki Chicken Steak

Mushroom Soup

Iced Cappuccino

Iced Latte

Yogurt Laici

Watermelon Juice

Spring Rolls


Dessert, Ice-cream McD


WiNniE 凤之部落格 said...

why tak ada muka saya? oh, rupa-rupanya x diajak....huhuhu

lisa said...

black canyon seems no bad..

that riverbird is annie's prince??

u and long ge very twins..

MiSS_PipO said...

winnie : ala.. u jauh bah.. bukan tak ajak, ajak pun u tak akan dtg.

lisa: hihi, yup. yameh~ ppl said we mgg mcm twins b4 lo..