Friday, June 20, 2008

GoiNg HoMe Part 3

On the third day, woke up at 8.30 Am
Went market with mama, i drove the car
Bought vegetables, meat and kuih. Back at 10 Am
Breakfast, do houseworks, online, watch tv
Helping my mama pack keropok a while before went to sister there
As usual helped my sister giving tuition at 3 Pm
Back for dinner at 7 Pm and continue tuition
At 9 Pm, yamcha time with Siew Wei, Mee Ing and Su Hee at Kampung Seberang
"Popet popet" until 11.30 Pm then went home
Watched TVB Drama "Forensic Heroes II"
Finish watching, went to sleep..
Damn sleeping..

Eating My Lunch

Mama's Cook Is The Yummiest~~ XD

Keropok Udang

Thursday...the fourth day at hometown
No going anywhere, stayed at home
Woke up, ate breakfast, online, watched tv
Mostly at home accept tuition again at 3 Pm
Back at 7 Pm and send my mama to practice dancing then i went to my sister there
9.30 Pm watched TVB Drama "Forensic Heroes II"
Ready to get into bed but not yet sleepy
Played Sudoku in electronic dictionary
Cant sleep then watched downloaded movies in computer
1.30 Am

My Part Time, Tuition Teacher Without Payment

Vanessa, Very Smart Girl. My Sister (Blue Shirt)

Chien Ang, Very Naughty Boy But Funny

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