Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

My Cutie PaPa

15 July
Today is Father's Day
Think back what i've done for my papa........nothing
Only know how to create troublesome for him...wahaha
Try my best for not giving any worries and troubles to papa
Try my best for not always asking for the pocket money (if papa want give then i won't reject la..muahaha)
No need worry about me
I will take care myself here
Take care your Honda kapchai
Is very awkward to say that 3 words in front of you
So i say it at here la~~ (shy)
I~~ Lap~~ U... PapA (be serious ping, OK?)
Ok Ok~ I know~~
Happy Father's Day!!


azreenChan said...

Today, my dad was so busy. He went to US. We gave him the present, we wished him and he continued his work because he was so busy.

Happy Father's Day.

miSS_PipO said...

as long he knew u all love him.. tat's enuf.

vshanu said...

i knw i'm late..its alrite.if u realy love ur father then everyday is a father's day..Happy Father's day to all father's in the world..