Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bujang Senang (The Giant White Crocodile)

My friend, vShan, hope i can write more about Sarawak story especially about Bujang Senang, so i write it now as i promise him before holidays.

Legendary gaint white crocodile, nicknamed "Bujang Senang", that is said to have terrorised the Batang Lupar River which located at Sri Aman in Sarawak. Said to be more than 20 feet in length. A man claimed to have shot and killed Bujang Senang back in 1992 but others remarked that it was the wrong croc. The Malaysian-Borneo legend has been around for more than 50 years with the most tales having been heard from someone's great-grandfather or grand-uncle.

"Bujang" means "bachelor" in Malay language
"Senang" means "easy" or "leisurely"

Bujang Senang or "Leisurely Bachelor" was the name for a huge crocodile that grew to 19 feet and 4 inches. The crocodiles is notorious as a man-eating "monster". It had well-formed and worn canines on its huge jaws. Bujang Senang was well known back in 1993 when it went on its killing rampage around Sri Aman area. The Batang Lupar River, which flows through Sri Aman, still conjures up fearsome images, as it was home to this legendary killer. It was struck down by a shotgun shell in Sg. Pelaban in Lingga Batang Lupar at Sri Aman.

Jong's Crocodile Farm
If you want to know about notorious Sarawak's man-eating crocodile, Bujang Senang, then you must visit to Jong's Crocodile Farm. Located 30 kilometre from Kuching on the Kuching-Serian road, the farm has more than 1000 crocodiles bred in capativity.

(I dont put much pictures because some pictures are really "yucks" =.="' )


vshanu said...

thanks dear ping..hey maybe i have get for you what u wanted from me in my blog...the latest blog.please leave a comment after you read it k..hahaha

vshanu said...

does the people believe that bujang senang is still ALIVE????

vshanu said...

name some of the unforgetfull incident that bujang senang related killing or something???

miSS_PipO said...

tat bujang senang oredi dead.. tat skull is milik bujang senang. mayb cucu cicit stil swim freely at river there..hehe. bujang senang very huge.. for me it related to killing kot.. not sure too.. haha..

Hippo said...

Hi, just thought you should know the pics you posted are not Bujang Senang's.

Bujang means male croc without a mate, while 'Senang' is the name of the river tributary along the Batang Lupar which was its habitat (based on regularity of its sightings) - and not "Easygoing bachelor". Female crocs are known as either 'Dayang' or 'Dara'(without a mate).

Sorry for the correction, i just like to see facts stated correctly in what i read, wherever :)