Thursday, June 19, 2008

GoiNg HoMe Part 2

On the second day i were woke up by mama at 7 Am
7 Am! I felt very sleepy and i slept back again
My mama came in my room for the second time and shouted at me
aH_piNg~~ 7.30 Am liao.. "gu mai ki lai?!" ( mean "still dont want wake up?)"
I stretching myself at bed then woke up lazily to wash room
I told my mama that i'm tired.
I only send her to market and asked her call me to pick her up later
Almost forgot wanna having breakfast with my friend, Siew Wei at 9 Am
Siew Wei picked me up at my house at 9 Am and another friend, Nicholas
Went Lok Tien Cafe, I ate kampua + pork liver soup + san se nai cha (Teh si special)
Finish eating and "popet popet", we went back at 11 Am
My mama not yet call me, I helped mama hung the clothes
11.30 Am mama called me to cook rice 1st since she still has something to do
Half an hour later I went to pick my mama
Watched television while waiting for the lunch
3 Pm helped my sister giving tuition until 5 Pm
Jogging at Sukan Komplex, only ran 3 rounds =.="
Then went to basketball court for shooting
"Popet" again with my friend, Peter
Back at 7 Pm, bath + dinner
Helped my sister at her tuition there again
9.15 Pm reached home, watched tv
Tired tired~~ =.=
10.30 Pm bed time...

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