Monday, June 16, 2008

GoiNg HoMe

16 June 2008

Today is the day i'm waiting for after my special semester
Woke up at 8 AM
Get ready for airport, LCCT
Papa sms me at 8.30 AM to remind me to go airport early
My sister send me to LCCT at 8.45 AM
My bro still sleeping so i dont want to disturb him
Check in at 9.30 AM, airasia flight to Sibu, AK 5262
Bought red tea and bread as breakfast
Listening to my "baby", SONY mp3 Walkman
Started line up to get in the airoplane at 10.30 AM
I chose the seat at left wing, window side
3 seats, I sat alone
The journey took 1 hour and 55 minutes
Along the journey i slept like pig until the steward announced the plane gonna to be land then i just woke up
Safely landed at Sibu at 12.40 PM, 15 minutes early from the schedule
Get my luggage and my watch showed 1 PM
Papa not yet reach so i sat at the bench and wait for him
Sms my sister to inform her i safely arrived
After that i saw my papa looking for me, I quickly approached him
Papa got work to do on that evening, he had to attend court as witness
So he brought me ate chicken rice near my Sibu house
Reached the house at 2 PM, papa went to work 1st
Left me alone at the house, after change the cloth I called my mama
Talked a while then I slept again, at sofa
4.30 PM I heard papa's car engine sound, i awakened
I opened the door for him
We started close all the doors and windows before going back to Sarikei
Left Sibu at 5 PM, reached Sarikei at 6 PM
Saw mama n eldest sister
Chit chat with them, together ate dinner
Night send my sister to her tuition house, send mama to attend Hokkien Association meeting
Play computer a while then went to find my sister,
Helped her sweeped the floor
9 PM went back, watch television
10.30 PM start online, chat with my 3rd sis, reen n vShan, Friendster and wrote the blog.
Sleep at 2 Am

End of my 1st day back to Sarawak

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Forbidden Tales said...

Ha! This is so me as well!!