Friday, April 24, 2009

Third Week at "Miao Miao"

Is Friday~~ On the third week, kinda stressful, frustrated and tiring week. I still busy-ing with the Help Manual Contents and started to have night activities..haha. Everyday I was staring at monitor and studying the DataNet System sampai mataku berpinar-pinar. My head also terrible busy with it. Felt stress and frust, because I'm not understand how the system works. This is not an essay and I can't "main goreng goreng" one. The purpose of the Help Contents are to guide the user on how to use the system. Must be ACCURATE, SIMPLE and of course with a GOOD GRAMMAR. Technical Writing "beh gan tang" (not easy). Luckily Ms.Sylvia willing to teach me, give me some advises and techniques even taught me the grammar too, LoL. Haih, besides the demo site.. apa lagi I boleh refer ni? Oh Tuhan~ berilah sedikit petunjuk dan jadikan hambamu tabah menghadapinya. Hamba kena antar Lookup Lists ni kat bos ku ari Khamis depan.

This week, I went played snooker with Chin, Albert and Moses, basketball at MBKS with male colleagues. No girls wanna come..wuwu~ and tonight badminton again. That's why I'm saying this week is tiring week..haha. Don't CARE! Tonight use racket and hit the shuttlecock ASS! Aku Tension!


single eyelid boy said...

so kolien ar....haha
i get ur blog from ah ing~

Vshanu said...

hahaha...go lady..face LIFE to be stronger

MiSS_PipO said...

hai cousin ati. i got ur blog too. thanks laling. sayang u.