Friday, April 17, 2009

HuH~ 2nd Week at Kuching

Miss PipO is back. 2 weeks I’ve been at Kuching. Now just only got chance to update my blog. 5th April, first day reached at Kuching, raining. Walaueh, everywhere I went MUST raining. Di mana ada ah ping, peratus hujan pun jadi tinggi. Memang budak hujan. I doing my internship in Independent Data Services (IDS) for 3 months. Well, I was under the design department and was assigned to assist Ms.Sylvia Wee, the Head Design to do the Help Manual Contents. We worked and communicated using Skype because she at KL branch..LoL. How’s she look like I have no idea. But dah ajak lepak kat Pavilion. (KL company berada di depan). Bawa kek lapis for her. Anyway, this is my first time use Skype.. a bit “jakun”. Mostly use MSN and YM only. My supervisor was Ms. Lily Ting. I worked with Ms.Sylvia but my supervisor was Ms.Lily, the Support Leader, Kuching Branch. Complicated huh? I better discuss with them on how to evaluate me later. What I like at IDS were I not need to wear formal and the office a banglo house. Just like working at home. The colleagues were just nice and friendly. So far, everything is fine here. Everyday study GeoNet.. =.=”’ Because I need to do the Help Manual for it. First week at IDS, I always went back late. Sometimes untill 8PM. My working hour is from 8.30AM to 5.30PM but I need to wait for Robin because he worked shift on that week. No transport memang kena tunggu lo. I stay at Robin there and now staying with my sister’s stepbrother, Christopher, also my secondary school senior. Last Friday (Good Friday) was public holiday for Sabah and Sarawak only. I follow Christopher went back to Sarikei. After that went back to Sibu together with my elder sister. Felt so good can go back visit papa and mama. My friends seem very busy with their Industrial Training. Seldom contact each other. Since I was at Kuching, I seldom contact them. Mostly only chatting with them when they online, like Vshan, Rajpreet, Hisyam, Law and sometimes Azmi. Reen? Takde cari. Tapi terkejut besar when she add me at Facebook. After working, go eat then go back take bath. Before sleep watch movie. No mamak, no teh tarik, no Astro. I started love DRAWING and SKETCHING. Back from work, eat, bath and bla bla bla.. I started conteng conteng and conteng. I’m not talented but it just for fun.. nothing to do also at the room. Tonight will go for badminton..
  • Already get used bath with cold water

  • Already get used to wake up early and sleep early

  • Need to do sit up to “flatten” my tummy due to always eat and sit a lot without exercise

  • Pictures will be uploaded soon.


vshanu said...


robin THERE HA!!!!


MiSS_PipO said...

stupiak la u...dah pindah la. tapi umah laki bujang juga..wahaha.

vshanu said... jgn stay THERE la ha...wahahahaha

MiSS_PipO said...

ish..merepek. i wan privacy mah

vshanu said...

privary THERE meh?

MiSS_PipO said...

kanasai...i noe wat u mean liao. ngok ah u

Vshanu said...