Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sister Annie

Today is my second sister, Annie's birthday. Every year we will go Green Box to celebrate. This year, can't celebrate together because I went to Kuching for Industrial Training. Wonder how she will celebrate her birthday today. But my sis has a lot of friends, so I believe, for sure this year she will not celebrate it alone too. I still at the office, rest and relax first. 5.30PM off so I decided to write the blog for 5 minutes to wish my sister.
Happy birthday, Annie. Wish you have a wonderful birthday and stay healthy. Don't keep slim down. No good. You really a great sister to me, taking good care of me and ati too. Last, may happiness always with you. Fast fast get married. Sayang akak.


Anonymous said...

haha..thanks for posting my birthday on ur blog. U re wrong. This is my 1st year birthday without any friends and siblings celebration.No cake, no candles, no wishes this year... :(

MiSS_PipO said...

hehe, jgn sedih. takpe...kita celebrate lagi when i balik.