Saturday, January 2, 2010

Broga Recreational Fishing Park (1.12.2009)

My eldest sister came for holiday from Sarawak so as promised, we brought her to eat around. Besides fishing, Broga Recreational Fishing Park also is a "hidden" restaurant that special in grilled fish. Why I said it's hidden? Because it's located very deep inside where you need drive a narrow road to get there. It's very peaceful and every where looks green. The fish was caught on the spot and that's why the fish is extremely fresh.

Rest on every Thursday
Business remain on Public Holidays
11.00AM - 7.00PM
For reservation : 012-3009882, 019-2792988

Also called "Pusat Memancing Ikan Broga"

The pond just beside the restaurant


Still using charcoal

招牌式之普通辣。Chili Padi Sauce. I like this, 2 thumb up!

TomYam Sauce

Asam Sauce

Wah~~ slurppp

3 fishes finished within half an hour by 5 girls


Amy, Calley, Moonkitty and Winnie

Miss Pipo

At night, we have dinner at Meow Meow, the Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant. We brought our sister, Amy to try the grilled crab because at Sarawak, usually they didn't grilled it but cooked with black pepper or tomato sauce.

Chinese Tea and Coconut Thailand (RM2.00)

Peanut (RM2.00)

Herbal Steam Chicken (RM16.00)

Salted Egg Bitter Gourd (RM15.00)

Salted Egg Squid (RM19.00)

Plain Grilled Crab (1.5 KG, RM57 | 1 KG = RM38)

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