Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PipO's Valentine & Birthday 2012

I love month of February. Romantic month and the month that I was born! Let share what I did during the Valentine's Day. I'm worked hard to fulfill my sister, Annie's request who want eat the steak with a heart shape. That day was my off day so I went to Jusco to bought the main character and some ingredients. It took me almost 2 hours to ready the 2 set of romantic dinner. It was fun because I cooked it with full of ♥. For me Valentine's Day is more like siblings day because every Valentine I celebrate either with my sister or my brother. The steak taste good! We two enjoyed it very much.

♥ shape steak
(My cutting skill not bad)

Completed ♥ steak set
I had my early birthday celebration with my Astro ex colleagues on 13th February. We having the dinner at Sakae. Thanks Kak J who always young and cool, Emilia the ManU diehard fan and of course Annie. Too bad Shelly couldn't join us. The dinner was more like gathering. I miss their funny stories that made me laugh and happy. Thanks again guys.

Ping, Annie, Kak J and Emilia

6 hours of sleeping, 12 hours of working, 2 hours for driving and I left 4 hours to celebrate my birthday. Alright~ 26 years old! Hurray~ Although 26 but I know I still look like 18, LoL. First, thanks papa and mama. You two are my everything ♥. Among the daughter I might not the best but please believe me, I always try so hard to make you guys proud of me. Ok, I will try my best to bring back hot and nice boyfriend back and let both of you to see.

To all my siblings, thanks for take such a good care of me although sometimes we fought like World War II. Thanks da jie, Amy always buy me food. Thanks er jie, Annie always bring me go here and there. Thanks san jie, Winnie always act like my 2nd mom. Thanks brother, Ati acting like my bf. Thanks for never give up on me and be so supportive. Ah~ forgot to thanks my brother in law, Eddie, River Bird and also Min Min. Thanks for always been there for me when I need help. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful families.

Friends, from primary school until university, thanks for the birthday wishes. Thanks for those who coloured my life with sweet and happy memories. Friends Forever!

For those I didn't mentioned, don't worry. Let's keep it to next year birthday..hehe.



Rush to Station One, Bandar Puteri to celebrate my birthday

With my sis, Winnie and Annie

What a surprise for me, the Rilakkuma's birthday cake!
Love it so much!

Birthday girl and Rilakkuma's birthday cake

Red packets from my families

Hahaha~ present from my bro. Daebak! He bought the epop magazine because he want get the calender just for me. So touch~ :')

Belt from Josephine
Wine from Yee Fen and Karchen
Jacket Forever 21 from Neena

The birthday celebration continue to Boracay, Philippines at the next day.

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