Monday, September 29, 2008

ERM~ mY RaYa HoliDaY

Erm, raya holiday~ very hardworking for my flash project.
Erm, this month always stay awake until 4 AM.
Erm, my eyes can "fight" with panda liao.
Erm, presentation on second week after raya holiday.
Erm, stress~ make me keep on eating.
Erm, currently~ face more rounded, stomach "membuncit".
Erm, will keep this rounded faces and stomach will final exam.
Erm. after final i got my moral project to be held on 13th November.
Erm, that's mean will not going back to Sarawak after final exam because of this.
Erm, need to struggle for my final because midterm exam quite suck.
Erm, my hair growing like bird nest.
Erm, 1st things I wanna to do after final exam is to cut my hair and keep fits.

ping fight fight fight!!!!!!!! \(=.=)/


azreen said...

don.t cut. ur. hair !!!!

vshanu said...

cut ur hair!!!

miSS_PipO said...

haha... jgn gaduh. den i cut myself la.